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28 August 2012



I agree. That was a horrible interview/article. The whole "I went on a run" part was dumb. He really made it seem like being gay is different from being straight and he really couldn't understand that part of the role. Its true some attractive people should keep their mouth's shut and just look pretty. And what the hell was he talking about with the white actor vs black actor thing? I don't see anyone questioning or looking down on GOLDEN GLOBE WINNING ACTOR Ving Rhames


I could live to be a thousand yrs old and I'll NEVER understand why portraying a murderous, drug dealer, a sociopathic, serial killer, etc., causes black "actors" no concern; yet, portraying gay sends them into group therapy. Really??? I think Omari successfully told the interviewer in a roundabout fashion that he is a phenomenal actor as long as a role doesn't call for him to be someone he isn't. Now, run and tell dat!

Derrick from Philly

I'm stumped. I can't tell who's smarter: this guy or Tyrese.

anthony Davis

I so agree because it seems as if he keep associating deviant with being gay.Also if he was so secure why did he have to keep reminding the interviewer that he's straight.Things that make you go hmmmm.


i think he did mean to say "devious", because it's the perfect word to swap out with what he's quoted as saying, especially since he kept talking about how his character was "lying", so i'm giving him a pass on that. as for the rest, he knew these questions were coming, so he might've wanted to practice a better stock response.

Black Pegasus


I agree...He was playing a Closeted Homosexual who was Lying to his wife while having Sex with Men...Is that "Deviant"? Um, I would say it is...

If his role was about a Gay Man that did not involve deception or deceit, I would find offense with his choice of words, but even if his tone was a bit "insecure and homophobic", his description of the character and Black peoples' reaction to him was accurate.


Waste of words. Besides that movie came out eons ago. Should have asked him if Miss Tyler Perry gave him any personal insight into playing a closeted Black gay man.


He does seem extremely insecure in this interview. What he says about black actors, in general, playing gay characters is true. If it a black gay character with depth and in a relationship with another man where there is intimacy, black folks do have a problem a portion of the time.

But as an actor you look at the role, at this point in time (post Will Smith not kissing in Six Degrees-as told not to by Denzel) you need to do breakout roles and push the envelope in order to show your artistry. It will take longer for black actors to see playing gay as not a big deal, than white actors. I'm sure getting B-Boy Blues made is hard because one of the problems is getting a well-known black actor to play the lead. It's a fact that sucks, but a fact nonetheless.

Some are up to it: Isaiah W- Get On The Bus, Wesley-To Wong Foo,like he said Anthony M, Jeffrey. But these are Actors. People who look at the role first to see how meaty it is and what they can bring to it. Not look at the role to see what it can bring to them. This guy is not there yet. He may never be. He is at the "I want to be liked" stage of his career, not the "I want to like what I'm doing" stage of his career.


Um. Who's your man, boo?


"You want me to explain how I used my heterosexuality to build this role?"

Boy please. Sat down. SAT DOWN!


He is handsome as hell but so are many others who aren't in movies. He is right about how the african american community views homosexuality that act as if it's the ultimate sin. Cheating on a man or woman with either is terrible so who makes the rukes on what's the worst. The interview could have been better I guess had it been on t.v that would ave spiced it up especially with the audience asking questions.


>>>"If he was so secure why did he have to keep reminding the interviewer that he's straight ..."

Maybe because he's "very handsome, light skinned and muscular" (as they said in The Boondocks!) and works for Tyler Perry. You do the math!

Barry T

Really? Methinks the lady doth protest to much.

Actors and actresses are supposed to play a part. The problem with too many black films and too may black actors is that the scripts and and roles are repetitive. Omari Hardwick is great looking but he really isnt some incredible thespian. How much "acting" did his character require? It's not like he had to dress different and act like Lafayette on True Blood.

T Francis

If I recall correctly, his character in 'For Colored Girls' was sheisty and foul. He was cheating on his wife with men and gave her HIV. That is pretty deviant behavior and it was the core of his character. If he said he just acted like all the Black gay men he knew, and played this character, then we would have an issue.

So I, for one, am glad that he didn't have any real life examples to draw from to play that character. It was a bullshit ass character exaggerating the stereotype of the mythical DL Black gay man/AIDS boogie man anyway.


well i like him...lol!


Cute face..sexy body...simple mind.


I was about to go "Stan" for Omari until I read this...DBarr summed it up best.


What an idiot. like one of your readers said cute fae sexy body... but i must add extremely simple mind. How are you in this time and age are going to say comments that white men can play those roles but black men can't. Really!Jackass. Hence why men like you Omari will always be playing supporting roles or no roles of substance in Hollywood cause with that attitude good luck getting any roles that will bring you accolades.


Gay men are deviant. It's not a bad thing, it just mean statistically not the norm. But that word does get twisted into something negative.


I think he mentioned the "deviant" part is because the character (In Tyler Perry Land) was a monster. For lying, cheating, and just being cruel. Not sure if he made it a slight on gay people as being deviant. But the behavior of this character. I agree, probably devious.

When people say that I'm secure in my manhood.. It always feel like bs.. or something people just say to say shit. Like is a gay man "secure" in his manhood to play a straight role? However the interviewer was clearly trying to bait him into having some kinda of emotional reaction to playing a gay character.. but Omari just wasn't biting.


@T Francis- Agreed! I don't understand all the shade.

Lucas Bisop

I agree that Omari's choice of words are very crass, but this is from an old interview why drag it up now?

Instead how about giving some space to LA Complex, which you've ignored since highlighting back in February.

There's a really great storyline involving a black gay character that isn't normally seen on mainstream American television.

Greg G

@ Lucas:

I can't speak for Rod but a few things come to my mind:

1) It's a new interview

2) Omari was ratchet and needed to be called out.

3) "Instead how about giving some space to LA Complex, which you've ignored since highlighting back in February."

Actually Rod was the VERY FIRST to talk about the LA Complex. Like he has been the first to mention/report on many things the children run with and never give him credit for, from LA Complex to DL Chronicles to hotties like Louis Smith or Nelson Evora plastered across FB.

3) Has he "ignored" the show? I don't know. He's not required to promote or discuss anything. If it's that serious, maybe you should buy an ad or hire him like EBONY, OUT and ABC News have done.

It must be very challenging to update this blog for ungrateful brothas, write for EBONY and other magazines, produce television news, contribute to several books, travel around the world, speak on "our" issues... and have a life. And the fact that he reports on "our" news for EBONY magazine and online (=millions of mostly hetero readers) must have been lost on you.

My hat is off to you Rod.


The word "deviant" means 'not the accepted norm' but a lot of people think "deviant" and "pervert" are the same thing. Or at least pretty close.

It's difficult to say from the interview what Omari Hardwick meant by the word "deviant".

Did he mean the character he played was "deviant" or was he saying that gay men, as a group, are "deviant"? And either way, does he mean "deviant" as in 'different from the accepted norm' or does he mean deviant as in 'perverted'?

These questions cannot be answered definitely from the interview cited above. The only way these questions can be answered is to ask Hardwick directly in another interview.

PS: Rod, I do not think he meant to use the word "devious". I think he used the word he wanted to use: "deviant". And I think he was using the word "deviant" as a stand in for "pervert". He may know the dictionary definition of the word "deviant" but I doubt it. I think you are right to be concerned about Hardwick's use of the word "deviant". Your instincts are correct.


When he said "deviant", it was clearly clumsy but also he clearly wasn't referring to gay people generally. He said he had no experience of gay or DL life so he thought of deviant behavior to help him. He's saying that he thinks that lying to your wife and bf is a bad thing. Like being a bad person in other ways. And so I think that's what he meant by using 'deviant': getting your head around some bad behavior to compare with being DL

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