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01 August 2012



Looks like the beginning of one of those "Naked Combat" movies. I likey!


See, they need to show this sport on US TV EVERY WEEK!!

Mikey-He Likes It

Hmmm all that pulling, tugging, squeezing and body contact....

Colin William

If Rod didn't have FLESH on his site...there would be NO COMMENTS

Derrick from Philly

"If Rod didn't have FLESH on his site...there would be NO COMMENTS"


I think sometimes when the host of a blog posts opinions that almost all of his visitors are in agreement with the amount of comments may be minimal. There is no controversy about the stated opinion on the news story. But there are still thousands of visitors to this blog who appreciate the work that Rod does--how he keeps us informed.

Now, when a visitor says something that is controversial then you will see "regulars" to Rod 2.0 react.

Believe me, if there had been a Democratic Primary fight going on these last few months there would have been more comments than you could count. Sometimes I still get angry thinking about some of the exchanges we had 4 years ago...with people I will never meet in person in my life.

The Internet is powerful and crazy.

Bourbon Street

Co-signing what Derrick said.

Sometimes there are very many comments on stories that seem to impact Black gay men more, such as hate crimes, HIV and the church. Sometimes few comments on marriage stories and politics. Sometimes there are many comments on shirtless men ... but sometimes there are few comments.

Derrick is spot on. I'm assuming there are thousands of daily visitors but many of us are "in the cut"--we read quietly and are just glad that Rod is doing this.

We're very lucky. Until I started reading this blog it never occured to me that there were openly gay black men at places like ABC News or NBC. And I love the fact that he can write about "our" issues for Ebony or The Advocate, write for tv news, travel around the world and werk it out for the kids on Rod 2.0. Keep giving those white boys fever Rod! Yessss!

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