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25 August 2012



that's really cool. hope we see more of this from the NFL

and Donte is very easy on the eyes...


In light of the silliness that Tyrese unleashed just below this post, THESE ARE SOME STRONG MEN! I think that they consider the hearts of YOUTH, period, and realized that if they can help, they help!

It's time that we stop treating ANYONE as though they are disposable and speak POWER into EVERYONE. This is a great message and so right on time.

I am actually beginning a series of EMPOWERMENT and LIFESKILLS called LIFEBASICS in Newark, from September through March! WE GET BETTER WHEN WE HELP! Yay 49ers! (STILL A REDSKINS FAN, BUT LOVE YOU GUYS FOR THIS AND WILL BE CHEERING FOR YOU!!!)


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