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24 August 2012


Derrick from Philly

Too much sex, too much drugs, too much guilt and then too much religion. That explains celebrities like Tyrese

And, yes, the young man commenting at the end is magnificent. He gives me hope!


These uneducated ingrates aka celebrities just cannot keep their ignorance to themselves.


I wouldnt download this lil boi trapped in a mans body album or singles if Itunes offered them for free. So over him and his non sense if feels the need the spout out for personal gain.

The truth is Usher ruined any chance of him really making a splash in music when they both were younger, and his movie roles he still gets are just different rehash of the Jody from Baby boy...he needs to go somewhere and work on his craft, keep his d*** in his pants and shut his mouth.


Silly rabbit. He's only 30 something. Why does he sound like one of those old barbershop negroes? I hope every independent woman and gay person who works in Hollywood gets to see that clip.


Please, this is the same guy who hangs with Tank and Ginuwine on a "regular." Have you notice, Tyrese's "so-called" daughter looks nothing like him. Gay men aren't keeping women from finding men. Women close themselves off from other races.


You foul Jody...

Black Pegasus

First of all; Tyrese needs to get some damn medicated chapstick for those crusty ass lips of his..

Second; why are these homophobic clowns like Tyrese, Steve Harvey and others are suddenly the "Black Woman's Guide to Happy Dick?" really brah??

I was done with the likes of Tyrese, Tank and Genuine years ago with they announced their little "women only tour". I thought it was the most paranoid, homophobic sh!t I've ever seen! I'm so glad that (real) MAN at the end of the video followed up with the TRUTH because I was bout ready to bust a cap in Tyrese's azz after watching his ignorance!

Ann Birdsall

It is rumored that Tyrese is "hung like a hamster". He is a pathetic know nothing who has lost his looks.

Tia Maria

I'm always glad when these fools feel the need to voice out their ignorance. It helps me make much more informed decisions when supporting artists and buying their music.


LOL what a joke, instead of commenting on a subject he knows nothing about, he needs to try to JUMPSTART his stalled acting/singing carer, SMDH.


Actually what Tyrese said is not new. The scary thing is that a lot of straight black people think the same way he thinks.
Homophobic straight black people have been blaming the so-called "black male shortage" on black gay men for YEARS.

A lot of straight
black people don't understand that the reason there is a "black male shortage" is because so many younger (20s and 30s) straight black men these days REFUSE to buck up and meet the challenges of being a husband and father. Many younger straight black males today are content with having multiple "baby mamas" and being "baby daddies" and doing the absolute minimum to "get by".

But this idiot Tyrese wants to place the blame for this sorry state of affairs on black gay men. smdh


But the thing that's sad is that HE doesn't even date black women, he and many other blacks in sports, music, ALWAYS date OUT of their race, they CHASE non-black women w/a PASSION, so how can he give advice to single black women when he (as evidenced by his baby mamma) don't deal w/them?? He needs to STFU!!

anthony davis

Whatever, he is such an asshole and no longer relevant as far as I'm concerned.

Tyrese is a punk

I am not a fan of Tyrese at all. I think the reason why he is so homophobic is because he is afraid to someone will find put about his deep homosexual tendencies.


I encourage everyone to download his shit for free..cause that's what it's worth at this point. Ty...you get uglier by the minute. smh


Tyrese has always been an ass. I met him back in 2000 when he had that first album. He tried to get me to give him a hotel upgrade In exchange for a Free CD. I was more than happy to tell him I was not impressed. He honestly looked surprised. It was clear two hit singles had gone to his head. I'm not surprised by his ignorance.

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