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19 September 2012


King Drive

Thanks so much for mentioning this and other positive gay news from Africa. You hear so little of the "good" news on this side of the Atlantic, especially from gay media.

Love your work!


This is fantastic. I wish there was a clip of the kissing scene ... and I wish more of the film were in English. Oh well, I'm very proud of my Kenyan brothers!


BTW: The children are LOVING you, Mr. McCullom! Twitter and Facebook are buzzing with your "stellar" and "star struck" performance at the Young Black Gay Leadership Initiative and at the Busboys and Poets panel.

**snaps fingers**
Werk! Yessss!

Savvy Kenya

There was no kissing scene, it was just a scene where one guy tried to kiss another only to find out the second guy wasn't gay. I don't know what this guy is talking about.

Also, the Jambula Tree story follows the story of two UGANDAN girl not Kenyan. Get your facts right.

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