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10 September 2012



OH MY GAAAWD! He's already my favorite show! Oops! I mean, this is already my favorite show! Umph, umph, umph!!


i cant get enough of this show!


I'm definitely feeling Mr. Fuller now, especially since he seems to understand and embrace the importance of this role. He appears comfortable in his manhood. Unlike another particularly sexy actor (Omari Hardwick) who had to keep insisting throughout a recent interview that he could not understand or embrace his character in For Colored Girls Only because he is NOT gay !!!! Ok, Omari, we get it. Don't believe anyone actually believed you were!!!


I think Andra Fuller brings everything that is needed to this role and then some. He is an awesome actor the way he brings the anger and then vulnerability to his obvious confusion to accept his sexuality in all aspects of his life. I have a love hate relationship with his character because I disagree with the abuse he brought to Tariq's life but then I find myself pulling for him to find the strength to accept who he is and love not just in private but to the world. That is hard to do because many gay men are private and don't feel the need to advertise their personally lives and sexuality and I agree 100%. But I want the entire gay community to be able to live their lives the way they choose with out being bashed by family, co-workers and society on a whole. I hope Andra get's an EMMY and many other awards for his acting skills on this show that has me hooked to this storyline.


I have to say this has become one of my favorite shows on TV. Andra's character, as well as the others, are surprisingly complex for a tv series (and well acted). Of course, it doesn't hurt that Kaldrick is fine as hell...and that body!!!


I'm glad I'm not the only person watching this show (still hasn't saved it's cancellation.) Can't wait to see how it wraps up! Love Andra's character and his portrayal. The rest of the cast has grown on me too. Hope it lives on in Canada and I can download em!


Kudos to Andra Fuller for taking on this role. He's a charismatic actor and all, but I always get the feeling that -- as a straight man -- he can't quite bring himself to completely immerse himself in his character's gayness. (Even a closeted gay man would be convincingly gay in those private, one-on-one moments with his partner.) In the episode when he first met the hot lawyer (before their first kiss), I did not pick up on Kal's attraction to the lawyer. Did anyone else feel as if there was some chemistry between them prior to that first kiss? And whenever Kal kisses a man (Tariq or the lawyer or whomever), it always looks like a straight guy is trying to play a gay character. As a gay man, I'm not entirely convinced. But Fuller is hot, and it's fun to watch. The show is really great, and I'm sad that it never found an audience in the U.S.


@Harlem, I think it's more the character than Andra. Either that or Andra can't kiss.

I agree I didn't see any hint of anything with the lawyer,..which made me think the lawyer was hella brave or foolish to kiss Kal with zero invitation, but maybe our gaydar isn't as good as his!

With regard to the passion in his kiss, it was equally as sloppy and aggressive when he kissed homegirl from the mission in the car. I think it says less about how believable Andra is as a gay man, and more about how the character Kal expresses emotion. I'm hoping he reunites with Tariq and they for once have a tender kiss instead of this face mash that we keep seeing.

Lastly, it could possibly be the show itself, or CW's editing. The closest Ive seen to a good steamy kiss would be Abby and some of the men shes fooled with, but no one really has hot believable kisses in the entire cast.


Hearing this had the lowest viewership of a season premiere, but the repeat had a bigger audience. Just discovered this. Wow! Thanks, Rod.


Kaldrick beat the tar out of Tariq - why would Tariq take him back?


I knew nothing about this show..thank you so much.


I love this show.

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