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05 September 2012




Mikey He Likes It

That's just papilicious. Love a man not afraid to wear some form fitting clothing. Gimme some!!


It is a lovely picture. I wonder how much airbrushing they had to do to take his bulge out of those pictures. There is no way he could wear those pants and not have a repeat of the post-Superbowl coverage.

Barry T

LOLz @ Zambos



Yessir! What Zambos said! That first picture is gorgeous but the superbowl "bulges" were legendary!

Black Pegasus

I wished I lived in a world (or a City) where MASCULINE Men were fashion forward and not afraid to express themselves through clothing. (and I'm not talking about the FLAMBOYANT look some big city queens give you)

I can't tell you how unbelievably awesome it is to see a Masculine Man of color wear something that shows off his ass'sets. As for Victor C. , I've been a fan of his long before the rest of you homos caught wind of his existence lol....

He's mine! back off!

Ron Buckmire

Hot dayum. Si, papi, si!

The clothes are great, but I think he'd look even better without them...


why they photoshop that big Afro rican bulge out? that's the only thing we *WANT* to see...LOL

he looks great though...as long as they don't have him salsa dancing in the behind the scenes outtakes (where i'm SURE we'll see BULGE), i'm good. :)

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