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25 September 2012


Jeff Hobbs

I used to care about him!:)


I am a big fan of Rockmond Dunbar. Bravo to him for his acting and activism!


I loved Rockmond in 'Dirty Laundry' and he was ever so hunky in 'P.U.N.K.S.'. I think the beauty of Rockmond is how he is just as talented and hunky as say Denzel but Denzel is probably used to all the attention and I think Rockmond could go and have a normal life while feeding his craft. I think he is the anti-hunk but he is so damn hunky.


Great interview. I feel in love with Rockmond when he played Darby in P.U.N.K.S. and have not been let down since. He takes meaty and imaginative roles and is not afraid of being unique. And of course he is sexy.


Why is this blog so negative? I haven't been here in years and now I know why. There is enough struggling in the world, I come to the internet to escape not to hear about gay beatings and bashing.


@Res, what sorta world do you live in? naw, your comment cannot be real, srsly???


@Res: Rod's blog has never been about negativity; what you see is negative I see as giving news and facts that are important to our community. Plus there's plenty of man candy and pop culture to balance out the more serious stuff. If you just want to escape, then why not just visit the millions of celeb gossip sites or blogs with beefed up dudes in their undies (or no undies)?

Derrick from Philly

@ Res,


Rod's blog has many positive news stories about Black Gays and friends of Black Gays. Where else will you find news about Black LGBT folks all over the world?

Dan Collier

Not only a fine actor, but a fine man. Impressive, indeed. Thanks for the heads up on the interview.


On another note this makes one think: E. Lynn Harris's life story one hell of an epic movie or documentary..hmmm, I could very well see Mr. D playing Mr. H and giving us much needed insight to an icon gone far too soon...

Mikey He Likes It

Simply brilliant. You have to admire a straight actor who is not only comfortable portraying a gay character but also unapologetic for doing so. Big hats off!! I loved him in PUNKS and equally so in The Family That Preys. Especially the part where he knocks his wife for a loop and deservedly so!!!

Honut Sinti

He is still of today and tomorrow.



Just goes to show you...real black men aren't afraid (of anything).


I LOVE THIS BROTHER. PERIOD. Great actor. Great person. Great article!

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