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24 October 2012


Reverse Reverend

Sad happening. Condolences to the victim's family.

I have a feeling some more "interesting" information will be forthcoming.


slant much? we don't know anything about this victim yet to smear him or her with Creflo and his issues. it's nice to read your blog to hear about stories mainstream media won't cover. I guess the price is to read it served with a slant.


I'm surprised the church queens haven't come in here and tried to read in this thread.

Former COGIC

" we don't know anything about this victim yet to smear him or her with Creflo and his issues."

These church queens are a mess. Girl, please. Take a stadium of seats.

The victim was an employee of the church and gunned down by a former employee in the house of the God. The entire congregation was lead by Creflo Dollar, a "prosperity" pimp who drives a Rolls Royce and wears custom made suits. It's a big ole mess. And what Rod said wasn't a "smear", it's the truth.

Creflo was arrested for beating and choking his daughter. The congregation did give him a standing ovation. Creflo Dollar criticized people who left Edie Long's church and he did support Eddie Long's lying, down low azz. And all these plus MURDER are now the congregation's "issues". They don't want to be "smeared"? Go to a new church.

Derrick from Philly

There is no "slant" here, jeffy--just the facts.


@Jeffy: No "smear" or "slant". These are facts.


former cogic is a dumb heathen

Face and Waist

The past two days been stressful on the church queens. It gets better, Jeffy! It gets better, boo!

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