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11 October 2012


Derrick from Philly

The President of the United States is on their side and approves of their marriage. F.ck all the others who disapprove.

Damn straight motha' f.ckas too busy committing adultery to stay married, and they're worried about Gay folks getting married and....oh, let me stop.

They are a beautiful couple. Sorta' remind me of Deondray and Quincy.

Bj Lincoln

That was beautiful! I got misty at the end.
Don't listen to those who say nasty things. They'er just jealous.

Honut Sinti

To quote my dear departed Mother: "Y'all so precious. Come here and give Mama some sugar!"



This was the most beautiful wedding video ever. gay or straight. For anyone to find anything negative is only to reveal their evil hearts. Kappa should be Proud.


Can't wait for my wedding!


OMG...This was beautiful and you can definitely feel the love they share just by looking at how happy they appear in the video. Congratulations to the grooms and I wish you both the best.


Contrary to popular belief!! There are thousands of gay kappas, sigmas,alphas, and yes omegas!!! Please it's 2012 let the hate of happiness and love go and find your own!!!!


A gay Kappa?!? Call the press!! Yawn...


The greater issue is still the resounding loom of homophobia that still exists in the African American community. Fraternities have been the cornerstone for a lot heritage and family traditions and the thought of any its members being gay is unacceptable. I think it is a shame and we as a community need to do better. Trust me, I have been to many "gay" frat parties...


To quote my dearly present mother: I DON'T GIVE HALF A DAMN WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK! I so celebrate the love, the family of their lives and the joy that they allowed us to share! I love it when you can live life on FULL BLAST! There will be amazing things happening for this couple because they have truth, love, faith AND each other!

LOVE = 10000; HATE = 0!


I'm an openly gay Nupe (i.e., Kappa) and I thought that was a beautiful ceremony. proud to call Nat my bruh!


Absolutly Beautiful..This Universe need more Love..

Chitown Kev


Gurl, i agree with much of what you say but what does that have to do with "the resounding loom of homophobia that still exists in the African American community"? (and who wrote that melodramaticx shit for you)...

Last I checked, most fraternities were bastions of homophobia. At least that's what I thought of a certain press conference in Tennessee where the white boy's lawyer denied that he was a homosexual because he apparently had an alcohol enema.

It's like, puh-lease...don't make me remember that I'm from the east side of Detroit!

Black Pegasus

What Derrick from Philly said!

They need to worry about the damn rate of Black females who are single with children, and the shiftless negroes who made them that way.. Seriously, someone needs to send "some" Black folks the memo that we are in the 21 Century.

Sometimes I just get so angry at my people that I want to randomly walk up to one of them and slap the sh!t out of them! That wedding video made me tear up..It had the perfect balance of Romanticism without the "Gay Extra" you typically see in these ceremonies.


SMH, those comments on Bossip are the reason why I don't fool with that site at all. I am beyond tired of hypocrite like those idiots there.


CONGRATS GUYS...THAT WAS A BEAUTIFUL VIDEO. To those who disagree DO NOT MARRY A GAY PERSON AND KEEP YOUR QUOTES FROM A BOOK FOR REASONS OF DISCRIMINATION AGAINST OTHERS TO YOURSELF. It's sad that many in the BLACK community are the biggest Homophobes when we are the most oppressed race when it comes to forms of discrimination. Very ignorant.

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