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23 October 2012


Black Pegasus

I don't know what it is about this man that has me so captivated. He's not exactly a "pretty boy" like some of my past lovers, but he seems to be much more... I'm drawn to him sexually, and it's driving me crazy. I him to sit on my face while he plays xbox 360. I want him to wear some boxer briefs while walking around my house doing nothing.

I want all of him! Damn, somebody please help me :-(

Derrick from Philly

I'll pray for you, Black Pegasus. And I'll pray that sexy Victor Cruz does no dancing when the Giants and Eagles meet again.

Then, again, the Eagles are so pitiful this season that I don't give a hoot.

Go Victor!!!

I still can't get over how these football players don't wear protection anymore. I like it though. Victor has a very nice imprint.


Damn who is this Hakeem Nicks dude, fine as hell

Jim J

Larry he is a 3rd year Wide Receiver (insert pun here) out of North Carolina State. (Insert pun on the word "insert" here.)


Victor, along with Adrian Peterson is definitely my biggest crushes in the NFL. Everytime he's on the field, I can not take my eyes away from him. I know, just shameful, lol


I welcome ANY reason for you to post photos of Victor Cruz, Rod!:)

Honut Sinti

Ruth honey, pass me my eye drops. Yeah, the Clear Eyes bottle. I need extra vision to look at him. Hmmm! Hummm! Huuuuuum! Glory!

Mikey He Likes It

Let's see. I'll take Victor Cruz, Reggie Bush, and Laron Landry. Ohhh baby. Cha, cha , cha.

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