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29 October 2012



"Or maybe it's ... something else."

Yesss, of course it is. They're gay white boys from Louisiana. Do you need me to spell it out?


Tapping unsuspecting big-hearted heterosexual Black progressives on the shoulder:
"Psst-psst. Lemme let y'all know something if you haven't quite figured it out. The homophobia that 6 & 7-figure salaried white gay Log Cabin Republicans experience today is NOT the same as the inhumane brutality that we of the Black race have experienced and continue to experience in this country. They may SAY their taste of homophobia equals our overdose of dehumanization all they want. They may even SAY that they aren't racists. But I've got to let you know that many of them are NOT your friends! Trust..... WHO did the Log Cabin Republicans recently endorse for the presidency after the POTUS did everything for their "gay rights" short of ......???? WHO did they endorse????" SMH @ their blatant racism!!!!!

Black, Gay and GOP

Go to hell Rod. GO TO HELL!


You go to hell Black, Gay and GOP, where is YOUR blog to inform black gay men. Leave Rod alone and keep voting for people who hate you.


I was there, and there were plenty of homos who cheered...of which I was one.

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