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10 October 2012


D Powell

Truly understandable why she was in clueless.


Is that a pic of Shangela?

Derrick from Philly

I don't like arguing with Black Republicans about their right to be Republicans. They always point out that many Democrats are anti-Black racists. And that's true. But racists Democrats do not have the influence and power within the Democratic Party that they had 50 years ago.

I alway ask Blacks who vote Republican-- doesn't it bother you to be voting along with people who despise Black folks? They'll point to economic issues. And, again, they'll ask me, "why did you Black Democrats vote along with Ku Klux Klan(Southern & Yankee) Democrats from Roosevelt through the early 1970s?"

Well, we saw the good changes coming within the Democratic Party as far as supporting civil rights. We saw bad changes coming within the Republican Party as far as opposing civil rights.

We ended up on the right side.


She'll never work again, not that she works much now.


She has a gay son and boy do i feel sorry that he has a mother like this.

Black Pegasus

Why was her public endorsement needed anyway? She should've just kept her damn trap closed! I'm an avid NFL fan, and if one of my favorite players became outspoken in politics it may alienate me and countless other fans who may disagree. If you're not PAID to be a political pundit, you should keep your views to yourself. She should know better, and I don't feel badly for her troubles!


I appreciate her views as it is a constant reminder of just how idiotic some americans are and how willing they are to make such a important decision without thinking it through. As the Supreme Court Considers Affirmative Action it is a reminder that the President is the one that does the appointments. Does anyone really want to trust Romney with this.




She has a right to her own opinion but it is obvious that is not well thought out and no real passion or connection with issues that hallow man Romney represents.

And exactly how did Romney's speak to you??? Maybe she is setting herself up for a better visibility for some wealthy white guy to scoop her up before her looks fade which can be any day now at her age...i think its safe to say that men aren't turned on by her intelligence.


I have almost no words for this particular misstep. I think she has undermined her brand on Single Ladies by a significant measure. We all have freedom of speech but not freedom from the consequences of that speech. I think she will face consequences.


This is the most press this woman has received in a long time. She accomplished her goal.

I wish her well.


I have no problem with Republicans with whom I disagree on political ideology or economic issues, but for her to state on national television that she found the Romneys to be "authentic and genuine" just proves how out of it she is, considering that he has been on every side of every major political issue. GIRL, CRACK A NEWSPAPER!


"Po' thang". The chick is CLUELESS--- just like the title that gave her a little recognition.
Kids say the darndest things! :-(

Black, Gay and GOP

Haters! Go to hell!


Ignore the ignorant


Guess she sees the Romney that she wish existed.


If she want "different" she will certainly get it when she gets a load of the Ryan/Romney budget plan. And her comment that she wants it different and to make money. Is that what Romney represents to her? Make more money? Money is at the heart of Romney. Certainly not people and their needs, problems, frustrations. Money, money, money. That's what Romney has always been about. But the money has always been for him.


to: Black, Gay and GOP, you are truly pathetic. Please take a History Class!

Colin William

Her vote her choice....she is welcome to it and I wish her the best in her life and with her choice...go Romney 2012


She lost me as a fan...and Romney don't care about her only what foolishness he can use from her so called endorsement.

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