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22 October 2012



Well said Vivica!

noel jude



Read Mrs. Vernita Green!!!!


Vivica slayed Ms. Dash with a very pointed and tasteful analysis of her recent activities. I don't get it either...


on a side note, anyone ever watch Mr. Box Office? Just take note of the opening credits in which all the kin folk are dancing and gyrating as though it's a minstrel show.


I've adored Ms. Fox since her first "major" role playing Maya on the all-Black soap opera, Generations, and throughout her movie and TV career. I've always known she has talent and beauty, but now I'm assured her head's on straight, too! (Listen to "big sistah", Stacey!!!)

Black Pegasus

LMAO! I have no words...
Go Vivica!


Vivica is well-versed in the art of reading. Dorian Corey would be proud.


She needs to stop. There's nothing wrong with that girl supporting another candidate. But, I hope she at least got paid for going all out and doing a photoshoot for the Romney campaign. If not, then she's a fool.


Now, y'all know when something is ever between a Black man and a White man, Miz Dash will always throw her support, a-n-d her panties, behind the White man. Between her and Naomi Campbell, I don't think there is a White hetero male on the planet, who does not know what the linings of their vaginal walls feel like!


@truth, you took the words right out of my mouth, LOL

Stacy Dash got her ass beat by her ex-husband, whom was the father of youngest child, and oh yeah was white. She was on Wendy Williams show some years ago spilling her heart about her abusive marriage that abruptly ended. I swear her, Traci Bingham, and Naomi Campbell are human cumrags for any white heterosexual male that looks half-way decent and has a little change in his pocket.

Former COGIC

Co-signing and ROFL @ Truth and Kayman.

Y'all ain't gonna worry me!

**waving handkerchief**

Papi Balenciaga

@kayman... LOL cumrags... chile yassss.

Rod Mc

LOLz @ Kayman and Truth.
Carry on children. Carry on!


Let have Vivica!!!!

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