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28 November 2012


Prodigal BlkMan

Tales of adult men reminiscing about their fast-assed 16-year-old pasts where they transgressed parental boundaries of their own volition, attempted to be grown, went on adult gay chatlines, found what one would expect to find on an adult gay chatline (an adult looking for sex), and then, in adult eureka moments far removed from their initial fast-ass-edness, suddenly realize that they've been 'bused--but not 'bused by every adult their fast asses engaged with years ago, no, just the most high-profile one; and then, instead of going to the requisite authorities (oh, I don't know, like the police) to report this 'buse, they contact their high profile 'buser's employer, the media, high-priced lawyers, write novels, grant interviews, demand millions and hold press conferences where they attempt to solicit sympathy for their own former exploits of self-inflicted fast-ass-edness? I think I'm more disturbed by the smell of victimization that these hustlers are trying to peddle.




Mess on so many levels. I have clutched my pearls so over this unadulterated foolishness they broke.
@Prodical BlkMan.. yess sirrrr.. tell it now.


I'll say it again and again and again!!!!!!! These boys need to be held accountable in some way for their behavior, regardless of what Clash may have done. I so agree with the above poster about these promiscuous teenagers who then want to cry years later about abuse. They were totally willing partners, not some child in school being taken into a closet. And if they accepted gifts for sex...is that not prostitution??? And underaged at that.


The other adult males these 3 have slept with are sighing relief that they are not rich. No teen does just 1 adult male if they like it. They really seemed to like it. How can you troll the chat lines then say you were abused? I'm sorry, but yes I get the whole "these men are adults and should have said 'no'", but these aren't situations of adults preying on children at the playground or in children based activities. These teens were out trolling for sex, and got it, and were satisfied with it. Not one said they did it once and then said no I don't want to do this again and was forced. Also, if it was so bad and hurtful, why did they come back to him after stopping for months or years? I understand the pedophile law, and how it is there for a reason, and should be. But tricking with adults of your own free will, then popping up years later to drag them to court for money (because not a one has said anything about getting their self-worth, or self-esteem, or childhood back), is as digusting to me, as it is to be a pedophile.

John From London

I wish I had met a beautiful man like Kevin Clash when I was 16 (the age of consent in the UK). Maybe I wouldn't have stayed in the closet till I was 21. These guys are not victims, they're money-grabbing trash. Clash has been very stupid taking such risks given his position and he should have asked to see birth certificates but a paedophile? No.


I totally agree with all the above. When I was their age, I wasn't lurking on chat lines but any sexual activity I engaged in with someone older was with complete consent. simply because I knew what the fuck I was getting into and if I didn't like what was about to go down, I got the hell away!! Even if Kevin lied about his age, i'm sure it was apparent to these boys he was much older. If you had been so traumatized, why speak up now? Because the bank rolls stopped and you hear the cash cows mooing. Grow the fuck up!! Their like lemmings. I don't have a quarter of what Kevin has and to this day, grown ass looking younger dudes wanna try to get it popping. Tempting as it may be, I have to pass. I bet if he had kept them on his payroll and not moved on like the piece of ass that they were, none of this would be an issue. My prayers go out to Kevin, for real.


I agree with all of you above. These trashy young whores deserve nothing...no sympathy no money no love. Period

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