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24 November 2012



Boeing ought to just "Straighten Up and Fly Right!" as that old Nat King Cole classic goes. :-) This was the company's opportunity to set a precedent, a paradigm, for the wave of the future where there is parity in all aspects of society: INCLUDING same sex marriages.

I think, like too many non-visionaries, Boeing sees same sex marriage as a "phenomenon"; something of a craze, even a fad, like the Hoola Hoop, the Slinky, or the Pet Rock. And that's where they err, greatly. Within a generation millions and millions of HETEROSEXUAL Americans will look back at these genesis years of marriage equality in embarrassment, frankly, as do most Americans when perusing our history's shameful past actions of barring---by law---"coloreds" the right to drink out of the same water fountains, doo-doo in the same restrooms, sit in the same areas of public buses, and yes, marry whites.

The winds of change are blowing and Boeing is one day going to look back in regret for this decision....

Thanks for posting this, Rod! As ALWAYS you're the Internet's Visionary when it comes to keeping us informed about all things related to Gay, Trans and Afro descended lives.


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