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27 November 2012



Gee, I hope every man Mr. Clash spoke to on the phone does not file a sexual harassment or rape lawsuit against him. HUNG UP!

Greg G

If he was meeting men in online forums and didn't realize that one of them was actually a minor that had lied about his age, that might be an honest mistake - dumb, but honest. After multiple people come forward saying they had sexual relations with him when they were 16 and he was in his 30s, it's pretty obvious that he has a "type" he's attracted to (underaged, troubled, blatino, gender-ambiguous males apparently) and he should have known better. Check IDs or risk having this shit come back and blow up in your face. Especially if you work with kids! People who are convicted of having sex with minors sometimes end up being prohibited from ever having unsupervised contact with children. Not so smart if you work on Sesame Street. Clash is a moron.

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