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20 November 2012



That is why I block anyone under the age of 29 who chats with me on gay chatrooms!!! Ain't nothing a cute teenage guy can do for me except introduce me to his father! I like my men seasoned and over 30! The damage this does for us gay men who work with youth. Homophobes are gonna prey on this kind of information!It is an unfortunate situation for everyone involved and the PR spin is going to be going into overdrive for a long time on this one.

Former COGIC

This is a hot mess. Kevin Clash should have been fired last week. You can hire any falsetto for the voice of Elmo, it's not worth having a loose cannon pedo on the payroll of a popular children's showe.

It's really a shame because he was a real role model for young black men and black gay men.


I hope that boipussy was worth it.


Elmo is one of the key characters in a global empire worth tens of millions of dollars. Clash brought so much humor to so many people, and obviously made himself very successful. It's sad and cautionary tale.


Leave them young one alone. I always getting hit on my job by this young boi. He was so bold he wanted me to meet him in the parking garage so we could talk. You know my government job is more important that young dick :) He as cute but my azz was way to old to be caught u in sometime like that especially on my job. I have not regrets. He got fired last week. I said "out of site out of mind". We live and learn.

Barton Hughes

I concur with Dale, who's a cutie btw.


Just say no to Stunt Queens.....

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