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15 November 2012



If only he'd waited a little while longer he could have had those two bottles of medication for FREE ...


yet another right wing crazy who blames obama for their own delusions and psychosis.


Just imagine our nation if ALL of the people who DID NOT vote for President Obama felt it best not to live in a world where indeed Barack Obama were President of the USA as voted by the voters of our nation.

Online Diploma

He is a really lucky man OBAMA....

evil kinevil

The white man who runs a TANNING salon has a problem with a naturally tan president? HAHAHAHA.
(in my best Yosemite Sam voice)
Goodbye you fool idiot galloot!


I have an issue with this article.......While Obama is not to blame for anyone killing themselves I find it a bit presumptuous that this man didn't have valid points about Obama as a small business owner and find the not so subtle knocks at his business savvy a bit tacky (especially given the circumstances). I pass a tanning salon on every corner in Los Angeles (people would rather do that to avoid the UV rays from the sun)Outdoor tanning is completely unpredictable on the amount of UV rays that reach your skin, while indoor tanning percisely controls the amount of UV rays reaching your skin.........and MANY small business owners even those who voted Obama in office have voiced concern over their fate under his tenure NOT just "right wingers" or conservatives. I get that the country is polarized right now but to further polarize us by politicizing a mans death is totally distasteful. I would have much rather preferrd the tone pf this to have been more 'lets come together as a country to make it better so things like this do not occur and people don't feel so helpless" etc...but whatever, it is what it is.

Former COGIC

@Ron: Sounds like you probably need to create your own blog or website, no?

It's really adorable that you complain about the "not so subtle knocks at his business savvy" and "small business owners" voicing concern over Obama. But you neglected to mention that "savvy" business owner was very much in debt, a diagnosed schizophrenic and was prescribed antipsychotic meds. Maybe those conditions contributed to the man's depression?

In any event, it was this man's decision to take his life. Clearly he was disturbed and irrational if he killed himself and "blamed" Obama's re-election.

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