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15 November 2012



Blatino trash. Wow. When will brothers learn to seek class & not trash.-QH


A shame that someone with such a stunningly beautiful face and captivating eyes could be so poisonous! SMH.

BTW, in his closeup shot he bears a strong resemblance to journalist, Ed Gordon. I hope this is where ALL similarity ends..... :-)


No Way!!


Ummm, I see why Mr. Clash was sending those emails. But, even his good looks don't merit the false accusations. Shame on him. Now, come kiss me!!!

Online Diploma

This is a really good read for me. Must agree that you are one of the coolest blogger I ever saw.


Looks may get you noticed, however True inner beauty can open doors unseen...

Alexis Marlons

When there's smoke, there's fire..Just saying...


Dudes like him are a dime a dozen here in the city. Nothing special. I'm pretty sure "Elmo" has his pick of the litter.


Details of a settlement are coming out which may muddy the waters for Kevin Clash. Supposedly Kevin paid this guy to recant his accusations.

I hope, Clash's career can survive all this.


John From London

Is it just me or is that guy totally unattractive? Kevin Clash, on the other hand is a gorgeous looking man.


I feel horrible that this mans career and reputation has been ruined. As a now 48 yr old I look back and these guys were me, I trolled tea rooms looking for and having sex with men old enough to be my father, I was 15. I was horny and I went in there willing. I wanted to seem older so I said I was 18, my first lover didnt find my age till I was legal. He was upset and seeing whats happening to Kevin, I see why. He made sure my future was solid and we parted friends. I ran into him recently.... choices we make in life! P.S. I check I.d.'s, theyre making these young ones really big nowadays.

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