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26 November 2012


Lang B

Hmmm- really strange interview. He speaks so lovingly about Klash yet a law suit? He appears very wise and a tad crafty- a lot of experience dating for his age. What stands out is his constant use of the the word MOTIVATED!!!This kid had an agenda to be successful - relevant and in the media. These younger kids today are very driven and clever and manipulative too.
With that said KLASH (ELMO)showed poor judgement. I mean there are lot's of gorgeous guys over 21 that are youthful & driven.,It's creepy how young these guys were when he approached/ met them.


I was not prepared to like this Kid,but some how I do..He did not come across as shifty to me at all..
But I will still wait for "the other shoe to fall" before mking up my mind about the whole situation..


There is something about him that reminds of myself, his maturity and the way he is presenting himself in this interview.

Derrick from Philly

Well, he looks much better on video than he does in his still photographs....dammit.

Eddie Long was evil. Kevin Clash was stupid. Even if I hit the Powerball and had money to spend on a man (that's the only way I'd get one now)-- I'd choose muscles over youth.


When its all said and done, whether its all true or not, these accusers are not after any justice....they are after MONEY!!! Clash made poor choices, very poor, if he indeed did indulge with underage guys, but these underage guys were not 7 and 8 year olds Clash snatched off a playground. They were 15 and 16, and quite sexually savvy (much like most of us were), and KNEW exactly what they were doing. They were just fine and dandy with it then, so why, after all this time, do they feel they were wronged? These apprentice whores are looking to get p-a-i-d. Its very doubtful Clash was the only man they were messing with, just the only one they feel has enough money worth suing for. Underage is underage, but Clash is not this diabolical predator the accusers are trying to paint him as. A total of 4 now, wonder how many others will try to jump on the financial bandwagon, before its all settled?

Symin Inesis

This is a really cool article. Kinda glad Sheldon shared his side, but it leaves me a little puzzled, because I am not sure if the motives are correct.


I've been in a similar situation as Mr. Sheldon, andI don't believe that the story he's telling is all the way the truth. I think his motives was security (financially) the whole time he was with clash. If that was not the case; we would not be hearing about this man's business. Was it a break-up that prompted this, cut-off of funds or he knew that someone else was reaping or had reaped from a greater financial gain from Mr. Clash. My situation, I was underage and when the house crumbled after five years of being with this guy who was wealthy, I was hurt and had the opportunity to hurt, but I chose the high-road, thought about my own career and family and decided it was not worth it. My choice of friends is what also kept my business out of the streets. Mr. Clash should've been smarter and seeked someone who had as much to loose as they did, of age to dAte, and someone who's not out in these messy streets. THE KIDS can't wait to see someone fall... We all know how it goes down in this community. A community that takes from others and slow to celebrate what others have done.


Truth & Platinum i have to totally agree with you guy. I was sleeping with older man at a very young age and yes i knew what i was doing. I just like older men rather than go with someone my age 15. I got in trouble at 17 when my mom found out i was seeing a married man with kids. Hey, he said he was going through a separation. Hell i was the same age as his son.

But remember i was a teen. The sex was good and that all i cared about at the time :). Now that i look back on it. I did not blackmail anyone i just moved on with my life only to meet and older guy at 18 any and settled down. We are still together today and i am happy.


This trick needs to have several seat...lawn seats (the cheapest) cause this story has more wholes it....he never REALLY answers a question completely he babbles, repeats and contridicts himself. The dude doing the interview should have stood up and hollered "FOUL" several times...smh....

Black Pegasus

He's sitting his shady azz up there feeling very proud of himself so it seems... Sad after someone's entire career has been ruined because you wanted some spending money. Kevin Klash got what he deserved for fooling around with children. He will probably need suicide watch because no production company will ever go anywhere near him. Klash is now toxic and damaged goods. And these young greedy sissies share the blame just as Klash does. I don't feel sorry for Klash, nor these "supposed victims". ALL of them are disgusting...

*** Having said all that... I'd blow Sheldon's back out! That lil gold digger is kinda hot*** hehe

And I just said what some of you were thinking (but didn't care to say), so don't come for me lol...

Greg G

If he was meeting men in online forums and didn't realize that one of them was actually a minor that had lied about his age, that might be an honest mistake - dumb, but honest. After multiple people come forward saying they had sexual relations with him when they were 16 and he was in his 30s, it's pretty obvious that he has a "type" he's attracted to (underaged, troubled, blatino, gender-ambiguous males apparently) and he should have known better. Check IDs or risk having this shit come back and blow up in your face. Especially if you work with kids! People who are convicted of having sex with minors sometimes end up being prohibited from ever having unsupervised contact with children. Not so smart if you work on Sesame Street. Clash is a moron.

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