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20 November 2012


Derrick from Philly

Well, some folks argue that you cannot be Gay and Transgender at the same time. Voila!


I feel bady about the entire situation.My prayers are for the alleged victims and the alleged perpetrator as well. I hope they all find peace.


WOW, so clearly Clash has a type and his fixation with young and beautiful has taken his career from him. This is sad because clearly it loomed in the shadows all along and I guess he thought his power over them would keep them silent.

I am saddened to see his career sabotaged by choices that weren't healthy. I am praying for all involved. The same conflicts and concerns that came up with Bishop Eddie Long are real here as well. There was a control in place that wore off when boys became men.


"Young" maybe...but "beautiful"?? I don't know. Seems like Klash went to different extremes. This second dude doesnt seem believeable. He contradicts himself. Allegedly he met Klash on a gay chat line but then claims Klash abused and took advantage of him, eventhough the did not have sex and he, not Klash, broke it off. Now he comes out of nowhere to sue. He even admits he was motivated partly due to thinking he was the "only one".


This is sad to me, he threw away his career for some young "young butt butt". For the life of me, I just don't get the "underage or young teenager sexual attraction" thing; teenager's are so annoying.

Mel Smith

I don't feel sorry for adults that have sexual relationships with 15 year olds.


Something is just not quite Right in all of this!!I can not put my finger on it but I am sure it will come out..


Timing, Money, the parents, hmmm just a few key words that come to mind to an otherwise successful actor/artist and now all we have to look forward to is some shim sham lifetime movie on it and another man of color out of work. Just why did it just come to light now,that these 'kids' were involved...Somebody knew something WELL before now or was it the huge dollar signs spining along with,everything else,in the room?


Another good senario could someone on him job know about his and people he was involved with and lit the fire. Now he as stepped down from a job he was doing for 40 yrs. Why now they wait to come out with all this information. The only reason I see is money. There is more to this story. I am not going to be judge and jury. I will just wait an see what happens.


I think this is a horrible situation, but I have to say that if an older guy pressured me into sex, I would be going to the police station to pursue criminal charges before I would be seeking punitive damages. The first victim claims that this event happened a few years ago and I would think that the statute of limitations has not expired so it seems that the police would have quickly jumped in to pursue this issue.

I am not saying that Elmo is not guilty, i just wonder why the emphasis on money instead of justice.


This is unfortunate for everyone. I believe both of these accusers, and wouldn't be surprised if many more come out of the woodwork to cash out. I don't believe Clash engaged in any underage sex however, but "barely legal" doesn't look good for a Sesame Street puppeteer. It's well known among younger gays which public figures pursue them. This is a case where Kevin probably figured he was done with these boys and on to the next, and they got crafty and took him through the ringer.

Relationships like these are always mutually beneficial in the very short term, and mutually damaging in the long run. As Clash obviously has/had more to lose, he shouldn't have entered into these relationships.

Its unfortunate how powerful people think they are above scandal, above getting caught, no matter how much they have to lose, they never seem to exercise better judgement. On one hand I do feel these kids should be happy with the meals, trips, and gifts they got during their time with him, but our culture teaches them to get every last penny.

So go head Cecil, get your millions, if you're really genuine about your intentions use it to build a safe haven to educate youth to stay away from these types of damaging relationships.


Something is not right about this. I don't believe these "victims" are giving us the real situation, but I do feel that Clash may have done his fair share of dirt.

As for Singleton claiming to have met Clash while he was on some chat line, where were his parents?! Who else did he lie to and trap-up at that young age besides Clash. If we're serious about protecting our youth from predators, neglectful parents need to catch a charge too. I know of young men who frolic on these sites claiming to be 18 and 19 but turn out to be 16. A mess. This is why I only date older men, these young ones will lie about their age (and some have fake IDs), have their way with you when mama isn't looking, and if ish hits the fan, you're the one who gets screwed.


So what about the fact that Mr. Clash seemed to not be able to focus his attention and desire toward men of his own age, not just the "pediphile" slant. Black, gay, successful, and on a chatline trying to meet young boys. And what were they doing on a chatline in the first place? You're supposed to be 18.....

Bolt the Dog

I have no sympathy for Kevin Clash. He was messing around with underage boys. Adults maintain TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY in these situations. I don't hold children responsible in these situations. You know what? NEITHER DOES THE LAW!!!

As far as Kevin's type: Young? Yes. Beautiful? Pfft, not hardly. Then again, the victims are "lite skindaded" so....


I believe them both. Kevin stated some years back that he's always been an outcast and that he had a hard time growing up because he liked to play with puppets. He was a very lonely kid that probably grew up feeling the same way. He's not the kind of guy that could step into a black gay bar or white gay bar and get much attention. Sadly this situation will loom as parents will be suspicious of all adults who try to connect with the children (ala Michael Jackson) via puppets or whatever, if I was a parent I'd be very cautious these days too. Kevin has made his money but now it's like he never existed. The stock of that doll will now plunge and Elmo will most likely die off. the whole "Tickle me Elmo" thing is now creepy. So damn tragic. They victims are both gorgeous men in their own way.

Black Pegasus

Even if these young men were 18yrs old when the contact began, I would still have a problem with a Man 20-30yrs older having relations with them. I am in my mid 30s, and I constantly get pursued online by young guys 10-15yrs younger than I am.. I've never given in to their offers because I have zero interest in a damn child!

For this reason, I don't fell sorry for Mr.Elmo. He allowed his depravity to consume his actions, and now the price of those bad decisions must be paid.


But two weeks of non-sexual relations warrants a multi-million dollar suit? Clash has issues that need to be addressed but our lawsuit crazy culture does little to separate those who are victimized from those who want to use their own victimization as a payday. Money will not heal the wounds of the victim. And if they were interested at one time in healing their lives then the story would have surfaced long ago...not when the Clash's young boy fetish closet has been opened to the public.

Honut Sinti

I wonder how Clash's daughter and wife are taking this?


Folk lie, even though they may sound convincing. I think we should reserve judgment until Clash has his version of events presented, not necessarily in the media but in the courts!

howard chambers

There are no wife and children. Kevin Clash has been proudly out and gay for most of his life. If you see the documentary made on him last year it is a remarkable story and he is proudly out throughout. i cannot believe he would allow a few moments of mutual masturbation eclipse all the hard work he has done to make ELMO a iconic children's character. Will I agree something is definitely not right with these accusations, Mr. Clash has shown very poor judgement. I wish them all the best. However money is not the answer.

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