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28 November 2012





If the white people are so damn scared, why do not pack up ALL of their bullshit and go back to Europe where they came from? White people are NOT native to North America - that group of people would be referred to as Native Americans or American Indians.


This is sad. The "threatened" excuse has been worn out. And the fact that he would drive away and not contact the authorities is so jacked up. What kind of person does that?


So sad. Florida needs to investigate their gun laws because I'm sure a race war has already started and there will soon be tits for their tats.


He felt threatened by a kid who was playing loud music? If I were sitting in my car next to a car with kids playing loud music and I asked them to turn it down and they would not I would drive away. That option never occurred to him?


This is so crazy. You are there to get gas, not regulate everyone else's behavior. Why not just get your gas and leave? I was next to kids who played loud music with words i did not care for. Guess what? I got my gas and left. Simple.

A race war has indeed begun, and it is about to get really ugly. Killing our next Black generation of men as if it is a sport, is not going to fly. Right now it is bad enough our young Black men are killing each other. We don't need someone coming into the mix from outside ourselves to see if they could do it, and avoid the law.

Trayvon was the fuse, this is the match. The court better get it right on this one, or unfortunately, the fireworks shall begin.

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