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06 December 2012



I am super proud of this brother, who has been ON HIS GRIND for a looong time! That he's going to play an integral on a show like General Hospital, which survived the ABC soap-opera massacre, is a great thing. I hope that he gets to show his chops as an actor and not just a caricature. I'll be watching!

Jake Talbott

Thank you Rev Kev! I'm so happy for him. Keep shining brightly, young man! Good luck in your new role!




He is the lead in Hot Guys with Guns, a Doug Spearman production. If any of you would like more information about HGWG, including how to invest in the film's production go to www.dougspearman.com.


Felix is an amazing add on to the show. I have read all the positive and negative responses on Daytimeconfidential as well and I must say that I love his sassyness. The show needs someone like Felix to liven it up. I also love the interaction between the white and Latino cast members with Felix. He is a nurse and a Cocoa Cosmetics sales person. That is why he was carrying lipstick in his pocket. Like Avon but ran by Lucy Coe. Great idea I hope that he remains with the show and we get some real gay interracial story lines.


Wow. I’ve known Marc since his Oregon days. Congrats bro.

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