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05 December 2012



While "liking younger guys" isn't the legal issue, it's still an issue, IMO. There's a point at which 18- and 19-year-olds (and people in their early 20s for that matter) are young enough to have been one's offspring. At that point the well-adjusted adult stops pursuing them as sexual objects and recognizes the guidance/model role that he (or she) should be taking with someone that age. That holds for straight men (and women), too.


The words "digital" and "young(er)" stand out. Whether true or false - Kevin Clash created this mess. Will we ever get something positive, something to laud from the Black Gay circle?


oh Rob "disgraced former longtime voice" i love when your on your high horse are we there yet? ha!

Paul Andre Betencourt

Kevin Clash is certainly not a villain. Though, he is a child predator. A 40 year-old Clash had sex with a 16 year-old in 2000? Hmm. Let me take that back. If this were a bedtime story, Clash would certainly be a villain.

Mr. Murray would do himself a favor by remaining silent. He defends Clash by asserting that straight men have an affinity for young girls? Sheesh. We know all about those straight men. We even met a few of them on NBC's "To Catch A Predator." They, along with Clash, are villains. Case closed.


You all are so judgmental; yet, none of you know the true set of fact. Allegations are just that: Allegations. Anyone can make them and anyone can file a lawsuit--please keep that in mind before passing judgment on Mr. Clash and castigating him for actions which have yet to be confirmed by a court or jury.


Doesn't anyone realize that those three guys purposely went online, looking for an older guy. the accusers knew right from wrong and they still went along with it, thinking that they would get some easy money out of it. If they really felt that they were traumatized and felt that they were taken advantaged, then there would've reported the whole thing years ago.


We're all young enough to be someone's "offspring." Lol If I'm 50 and date someone 70 or 80 are they a predator? Sure Kevin Clash used very poor judgement. If the guys were 16 or 15, he technically broke the law. And if he knew or found out their true ages, he should have backed off. But the idea that these boys lurking on gay chatlines and lying about their ages to sign on, and willingly coming back time and again are poor innocent victims is silly to me.
What really makes them victimms, is our society doesn't offer enough resources to young gay men, so that hustling doesn't become their only way.
But even then, if we offered free housing and free community college, there are still some who would be too lazy to pursue this route and they would make themselves available to wealthy men. So unfortunately two troubled souls find each other and offer what each one desires.The young man offers his body and the older guy offers some portion of his wealth. What else is new?

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