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08 December 2012



Wow! In comparison to Blacks & Gay to America & Blacks Morehouse's action ranks up there with the election of Barack Obama as the 1st Black/African American President of the USA. LONG OVERDUE.

Chitown kev

This is really fantastic news; i wonder which other of the other HBCU's offer the course.

Now of course, if I wanted to be sarcastic and catty, I could say that Morehouse could fill up an entire semester with a LGBTs at Morehouse course because, yes, that gay subculture there is a boast and for some young black GBs a selling pt on Morehouse.


This is great. The best way to assimulate lgbt information into these types of environments is indeed through academic studies.

To try to look at this information in a way that can be perceived as non-threatening, and can help gays open their closet doors(for those in them there) and feel mentally and emotionally empowered and safe, can be through coursework.

They can throw people off their trail by saying they are just taking a course, when in reality they are becoming empowered through that course. College is where a lot of guys find their voice, their power, and their sense of self. This is very good.

Derrick from Philly

I agree with the above folks that this is great news.

I wonder what Black LGBT historical figures will be mentioned in the course? There are so many heroes.

Chitown Kev


so are we talking...say George Washington Carver?

Or James Baldwin?

Langston Hughes?

(not trying to be catty, I think you aske a very good question).


Bravo Morehouse!!

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