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23 January 2013



Thank you Brendan for your advocacy!


This is absolutely AWESOME. Brendon has been a tremendous advocate. He's brought so much awareness to equality.

I live in Sacramento and will be rooting for my 49ers but won't feel too bad if they lose. Anybody but the Patriots!

BJ Lincoln

He was awesome in helping us get equal marriage in Maryland! I am so glad he wants to make a statement using the Super Bowl as his platform. More people watch the game than watched the President swear in.
Go Ravens!


my HERO!


He is awesome, and I appreciate him using this platform to promote gay rights.

He said on Twitter recently that he would officiate a gay wedding.

Honut Sinti

200 years down the road the children will sit around viewing the TV halograms and ask each other, wonder why all the chat about in those old days.

Black Pegasus

Brendon, I need you to come sit on my face while you play Madden on my xbox.

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