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31 January 2013



Rod, you asked 'will we ever learn why [Evon Young] was killed'?

Maybe we will or maybe we won't, but here's my take based on your excellent reporting on this case. Evon apparently based his "masculinity" on the black thug/gangster model we've probably all seen and/or heard about.

Evon might have thought he was a real thug/gangster but his thug associates, no doubt, disagreed. Evon's thug associates did not think he was one of them. They thought he was a FREAK who DESERVED to die so they murdered and disposed of him in a very brutal fashion.

My advice: if you are a LGBT person, stop trying to twist yourself into pretzels trying to be "accepted" by people who HATE you. In fact, get away and STAY AWAY from people who hate you including your own family members if necessary. There are good people in the world who will accept you as you are. But it's up to YOU to find them and cultivate them.

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