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05 January 2013


BJ Lincoln

This could be the only way to get the point across to the crowds. If you can't behave then the game ends. There has to be a consequence to those causing the problem. It is not the players and they should not have to put up with it.
This is a problem in every sport everywhere. This the one place where it is OK to use abusive language because you are in a huge crowd. If others join you then they all think they can.
I hope this catches on with other sports figures. I don't want to or HAVE to work were I am being verbally abused, why should they?



This is powerful and purposeful and I so appreciate THIS BROTHER'S POINTED ACTION!

Rod, I also appreciate your continued efforts to keep us TAPPED IN, around the world!!!!

I am so proud of this King for saying ENOUGH and walking, saying that even the money and the "fame" aren't worth my soul and my self-worth! BRAVO! This reminds me of Dave Chapelle FINALLY getting it about his show and walking away from $55 MILLION DOLLARS! In the end, if your SOUL, your BEING at stake!

Bravo to Boateng!!!!

Dan Collier

FIFA has been disgraceful with its silence over this, for far too long. terrific, this, walking off, the entire team.

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