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31 January 2013



Bey did her thing, and is also showing alot of personal growth as a artist by admitting the truth and taking that false since of power the Beyonce haters think they have over her for such a trivial common act.

Last I remember, during Motown 25's Michael Jackson performance of Billie Jean he sung to a pre-recorded track and did his thing while the audience was more amazed with him introducing the moon walk on public television vs the fact that he lip sang his on performance (which we all know he was a marvelous live singer & performer as is Beyonce).


BEYONCE!!!! I was "dead" just from the strut out onto the podium in that cream colored mini dress and those legs and that skin and that hair flipped to the side and that face and...by the time she started belting...just RESURRECTED, baby!!! lol

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