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24 January 2013



What a joke!!! Lo!!!


In the words of Project Runway's Nina Garcia; "I don't get it". That was creepy & uncomfortable to watch.


I don't understand the controversy. It looked like much of the typical bat-sh*t stuff you see in many non-denominational Black churches and even some white non-denominational churches.

Black Pegasus

Ahh yes, Religion... The Evil Hypocritical Fairy Tale that keeps on giving..SMH


It is odd that this is only now being attacked, when it has been happening since 1998. Also, I don't know why you suggest that only LGBT people can be bullied via the internet. Other people have been and can be bulied via the internet; bullying does not start and stop with LGBT people.

Former COGIC


SIGH. Rod didn't suggest that "ONLY LGBT people can be bullied via the internet." He said using the word "bullying" is a disservice to the many LGBT people in the Black church who have been bullied. People leaving negative comments about a prominent televangelist/business owner/church leader's (freaky) ordination does NOT equal "bullying." The "bishop" is not a 12 year old with no resources and being harassed because he is different.

FWIW, I don't recall Jackson's church or almost ANY major church ever taking a pro-active stand against bullying. Please provide a link. If anything, the churches and religious leaders have been opposing bullying legislation and policies in schools and school districts across the nation.

Not sure are you a brainwashed church queen or a straight bible thumper but you are seriously off the mark. Seriously.

Greg G

"...Not sure are you a brainwashed church queen or a straight bible thumper ..."

They sound the same, right?

Masai, I didn't realize Bishop Jackson and his church were such strong opponents of bullying. That must be very comforting to the many black gay men and lesbians who have been attacked from the pulpit, mocked, thrown out of their homes and beaten up and assaulted for being gay.


This was very uncomfortable to watch. Wow.


Had to let out a laugh.Never in all my life have I seen anyone prepared for burial...on their stomach!Turn the new bishops onto their backs and this ceremony takes on a whole new view and even the bishop himself would have to stop and rethink it. Also does this church ordain female bishops and do they go through the same ritual? What does the ceremony represent? The white sheet, then the red sheet then the bishop hops on the new guys?! This ceremony to me has nothing to do with dying to the world and letting Christ live in you. The KJV Bible 2 Kings 4 32-37 is one incident where this is performed in scripture,[that's another issue in itself] however this bishop has strayed from the scriptural process.Anyway I remember now why I stopped attending church, all the stories in the bible are only good for one use, by that I mean has anyone else ever walked on water again,survived being thrown in a oven,parted the red sea? I'll pass on attending this church too.

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