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25 February 2013



They did, at least, actually apologize, and not go "we're sorry if you're offended (we're not)".


It's going to take a brave, brave soul to publicly say that rappers & singers have been saying much harsher things about Black women for years now. I wonder if THEY will ever apologize.


Purity: The Ebony writer quoted above DID mention that Black men and rappers have said harsh things about Black women.

I don't think the point of that article or Rob's piece was to ask for an apology. It was simply to note that a disgusting and horrible thing was said about a nine year old girl.

FWIW, I'm not sure how sincere is the apology. But I am very happy to see The Onion understands it crossed a line.

chris w

This is sick and sad! How could anyone even think to say such a sick and sad comment about an innocent little girl?!


I think you should remove the quotation marks around "apologizes" as I think this is an actual apology and not a 'sorry if anyone was offended' non-apology. And I suspect someone at The Onion is looking for a job today

Rod Mc

@Reggie: Point well taken. I removed the quotation marks. The apology is not boilerplate at all.


I really feel this is disgusting. She's 9 for God's sake. I feel the only reason they took it down was because they received major pushback. the kind they probably aren't used to getting. They don't usually apologize, but this time they did, so something major must have gone down. I'm not into the "at least they apologized" portion of forgivers. Because like I said i don't think they did it because they knew they went too far, but because someone or some organizations/major people pulled their coattails. I don't know what else I would want them to do.

Q's mother may have even kept this from her, so she may not know some organization called her this. Her mama seems pretty on top of all this hoopla and is trying to keep her daughter on a regular schedule and down to earth with chores and everything else. The Onion's Facebook page was blasted I'm sure.

Palm Reader

What does rap music have to do with calling a nine year old, a cunt? Is Quvenzhane Wallis a rapper? Racism is all over this issue and apparently, from both fronts. Eww.

Distant Lover

It ain't up to them to give Miss Wallis her time to shine. She always has it! Listen, these fools will continue to say the most hurtful, disrespectful and downright evil things to try to take the spotlight off of our luminious, uber-talented and extremely beautiful black women. I love Jamiliah Lemieux's point of "The First Lady's brains, body and bangs are the subject of scrutiny from both writers and conservative leaders who couldn't even level their White and male privilege to match her accomplishments."
These human turds already have all of the advantages in the world which is why they are given these high profile jobs although they are extremely incompetent and the sad fact is THEY ALREADY KNOW IT! That's why it just kills them that a 9 year old black girl outshines them. Quvenzhané Wallis has accomplished more in 6 years (which is how old she was when she portrayed Hushpuppy) than these losers will in their entire miserable lives and Miss Wallis didn't have to have her Daddy call in a favor to one of his buddies in order for her to do accomplish her record-breaking nomination. She did it by pure talent and she knows she knows it! Do you know how dangerous somebody like Quvenzhané Wallis is to a no-talent hack? And the fact that they said tweeted this vulgar comment shows the cowardice of such sub-human behavior. Until the Good Lord sees fit to take out the garbage, we will have to contend with worthless fools like that idiot at The Onion and the platforms that give them a voice, but let's stand ready to remind them of what they are, A HUMAN TURD. And what do we do with turds after we squeeze them out? We flush them down the toilet so that they can join all of the other turds in the sewers where they are out of sight and out of mind.


apparently this is a common "joke" for some people to find the nicest, sweetest person in a group and call them the "c" word since everyone knows they arent. that's what supposedly makes it "funny". going for shock value

i guess i get that type of humor (although i personally detest the "c" word), but this wasnt funny at all.


Personally, I was also outraged to see Quvenzhane sitting with her mother in front of a worldwide television audience, only to be used as the butt of an on-air Seth McFarlane joke about George Clooney's penchant for relationships with very young women. Seth hasn't apologized, and it's just one more reason this Academy Awards was one of the worst ever. No taste, no class.

Black Pegasus

I wonder if the Black community would be so "outraged' if the girl was any race other than Black? The answer - NO!

And Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and Chris Brown will do more to damage the mind of a "young" Black child than some satirical stupid comment from some comedy shop. Yet we don't have a problem with that don't we?

I'm at a point where I'm sick and tired of the hypocrisy among Black people! They are woefully ignorant (and proud of it), and they are homophobic and bigoted! We raise all kinds of hell over Trayvon Martin, but we are silent about the mass murders in our urban cities.

I'll just sit back and wait for the next "twitter and facebook" warrior to get pissed off by an event in popular culture while sitting on their azz doing nothing about everything else!


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