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25 February 2013


Derrick from Philly

She was fabulous. Brought back memories of a happier time.

Ms Fonda looked great too. Ms Berry...flawless.


I love it! Dame Bassey is a goddess!

And yessir, Jane Fonda looked amazing!


She is flawless and timeless. Brava Dame Shirley!


She just gave a masterclass and the young divas who are here today and don't want to be gone tomorrow better listen, and ask questions. This is class, and art. Someone wrote that this was okay, but she doesn't sound as good as she used to. I said "B*tch let me see your awards and let me hear how you sound after 60 years in the business!!!" Dame Bassey started at 16 years of age and is now 76. Who the hell else sounds as good at 16, 26, 36, 46, 56, or even 66, as they do at 76? It's called TIME. It marches on. But the class, and presentation, and vocal power that she has at this age is a gift, a wonderful gift.

Distant Lover

Her performance was flawless! A true legend!

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