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02 March 2013



What was he thinking? Why would you do something like that when you are on a show like Sesame Street. Well he made his millions but now he will be viewed as a child molester from this point on and he just killed Elmo... what a legacy.


Oh Kevin, please stop. I'm sure this is a legal maneuver to limit the amount he can be sued for, but still its very sad...

Cool Curt

Mr. Clash's legacy is still intact because regardless of all these "alleged findings", he is still the person responsible for making millions of children and adults alike smile and rejoice in his God-giving talents. It's sad that I can relate to both sides of Mr. Clash's story because I was very young when I started venturing into "The Life", I was barely 16 but to most guys and girls in The Life that thought they 'REALLY' knew me, I was in my earlier twenties. Some of my first experiences kissing and making out with men were with men sometimes twice my age. For me now to look back on them and accuse them of anything, would be ridiculous. Now I'm pretty sure most gay men of all colors, can relate to that one and can relate to Kevin's unfolding story.
Now I'm just entering my 40's, I'm noticing how younger men seem to appreciate my company a great deal more, than say guys my age and older. That would be the flip side of everything that has occurred with Kevin. I really feel for him because everyone is out to really tarnish his name. Some might say his actions is what got him in trouble but most of us have been in similar situations but we aren't in the public's glaring and judgmental eyes. I pray Kevin is surrounding himself with people that aren't judging but comforting and allowing him to vent and just talk.

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