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04 March 2013



WOW! I'm speechless......as a BLACK, OPENLY GAY Oberlin College alum I am shocked. Oberlin was one of the most tolerant and accepting places I have ever encountered. Not only were there spaces like Afrikan Heritage House but Oberlin also offered access to one of the largest African American Studies departments in the country, not to mention its abolitionist history of being a stop on the underground railroad and one of the first institutions to admit african americans............I don't know what to say.......I do have a theory as to the shift in campus culture. Institutions like Oberlin (small, private, elite liberal arts schools) have large endowments and because of the students it traditionally accepts they are held to a standard of integrity when it comes to investment (like when I was attending we wanted them to divest from Israel and before me black students fought for divestment from South Africa during apartheid)these social choices while admirable come at a cost. Oberlin has gone a step further and cut ties with companies like Coca-Cola because of pressure from the student body. That being said, I think Oberlin has started to recruit a richer, less socially conscious student One who can pay full tuition and won't care how they spend the money. Just a theory but I just pray it gets better because I owe so much of who I am as a person to the culture that was created before me on the campus of Oberlin College.

Johnny T

Jeez - shouldn't the entire campus of a 'liberal arts school' be a safe space for African-American students?

Chitown Kev

Knowing Oberlin's reputation, I actually doubt that an Oberlin student did this.

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