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04 March 2013


Chitown Kev

Fantastic news, yes.

But if this particular baby is a black child, I want to read more about this vis-a-vis the medical ethics involved in the treatment.

I'm saying this after reading bell hooks latest book and the issues involving racism and sexism as to the story of Henrietta Lacks; the medical profession (as we well know) will do all kinds of unethical things in the name of getting to the next miracle cure.


hasnt this been happening for years. I know that many babys who were born positive later become negative after treatment inthe first 3 years of life. What am I missing here?

Jose de Marco

This is amazing! This is the 2nd person cured of AIDS despite the fact the Federal National Institutes of Health (NIH) uses a tiny fraction of their AIDS budget to fund CURE research. Given the disproportionate number of infections among people of color and the billions made by drug companies there is clearly no reason to find a cure.

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