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14 March 2013



Bulls*#T plain and simple, and yet where is the outrage?

Black Pegasus

So here we are yet again. Another incident for Black internet and twitter warriors to get "outraged" about.

Where is the protests and marches concerning the bloody baths being committed in our inner cities? I guess those causes aren't "sexy" enough because the Black community seems to care less! Only when it's popo or the white man do give get involved.


i hate lazy people

Adjusting his waistband? Were they afraid he had a gun, or were they more so threatened by his big Black penis?(A threat to all White Supremacy.) Police are always quick to claim the Black victim had a gun,when they were really threatened by Black masculinity and the degeneration of the White race, deep down inside. If it were a White male adjusting his waistband he would still be alive. frances cress welsing has spoke on this issue before, there is nothing more threatening to a couple rogue White cop's than Black masculinity.

Herbal Incense

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Derrick from Philly

You make a strong point, i hate lazy people.

I recently went to a talk by Ishmael Reed. At one point he spoke about how the media images of Black men have gotten more insidious. This is happening even with the family we have in the White House.

Reed thinks this is setting Black men up for attempts at extermination or atleast population control.

I won't go as far as Reed, but certainly the anti-Black propaganda makes it easier to kill un-armed Black men on the streets. But it's been that way for a while now.

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