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20 March 2013


Barton Hughes

It's sad that this so-called man of God would exert so much energy and money on bigotry. He needes to reread his book of faith.

West Side

This man is so hateful it is mind boggling. Waiting to hear what Meeks and the other black pastors have to say about gangs and guns in their neighborhoods.


who appointed this man a "leader in the black community"? i am so sick and tired of black pastors believing that they are automatically "leaders" and can dictate what happens in our communities.


This so called "man of god" is disgusting. The epitome of a hustler. So much for good christian love.


Why hasn't he and the other Black pastors in Chicagoland launched a campaign to stop Black on Black youth violence? Hmmm...I guess doing that sounds too much like doing the right thing.

Greg G

Hateful man.

Chitown Kev

But will anything that Meeks does stop those who vote in the General Assembly from voting for marriage?

Are there any Chicago area black GA members on the record of not voting for marriage?

Now I know that there's some black female legislator in Waukegan that has said she's against the marriage bill as well as one black GA male from downstate...not sure that whatever Meeks does it will have an effect on Chicago.

Downstate votes (black and white) are what we need.

Co-signing what everyone else said here. and

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