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27 March 2013


Face and Waist


Black Jesus

Rod, you stay pumping up zz-list porn while ignoring the real true bonafide stars. The more gutter, the more of a platform they receive on your site. I guess you have to get ratchet to stay relevant since more people read gay porn blogs than blog sites that try Huff Po-like.

West Side

Venom is very hot but when Brklyn drops his pants it was ovah!

Greg G

The black gay haters are back on R20. Good! I guess four or five GLAAD Award nominations, writing for the Atlantic and Ebony appearing on tv this month must really bother them.

Child please. I like the diversity here. Some of the children complain that R20 is too "bourgeois" since he often posts politics, gay rights and news from Europe and Africa. And now the girls are angry he doesn't give "real true bona fide stars" a "platform"? Like Jennifer Hudson? Lalah Hathaway? Kamala Harris? Shani Davis? Or did you mean porn "stars"?

West Side

ROFL "Black Jesus" WWJD? You sound like a bitter old queen and big (=fat) mess.

Brklyn Kidd is the definition of sexy. The hater above is clearly angry that tops live for bottoms like Brklyn. I guess he can't shake it like that at his advanced age and weight ... Shyt, I wish I could but I'm not a crab in the barrel.

If Rod is so irrelevant why are you here? What does that make you? You also would be irrelevant. Clearly you are too obsessed with porn if you think R20 is trying to compete with "gay porn blogs".Rod writes for tv news and magazines. You leave anonymous hate comments.

Tatted Up

F*ck the bs. Those boys are HOT.


"real true bonafide stars"

Gurrlll. Really?

You're either a snow queen, a troll or both. Brklyn Kidd has a beautiful bubble and can take some dick. Venom has a phatty and big ole dick.

You don't like 'em, step aside and that's more for me to enjoy. Oh and if you don't like the blog why are you here?


I'm gonna ignore the troll above. Brklyn Kidd and Venom are verse and sexy. I'll smash and smash hard.

Former COGIC

I love me some Rod and Rod 2.0 please forgive me. I’m going to be the one to go there …

"Black Jesus": So why are you here, queen? Which hater are you? That Viktor snow queen who wrote the other day about "upgrading" black gay porn? The same one who rips off every R20 post? Or that Stuffed Animal troll and the other bloggers and so-called "writers" who are angry because Rod gets all the assignments and awards? Child please, have a stadium of seats because NONE of you are relevant and that's why you have so much animosity.

BJ's comments are typical Black gay coonery and cuntery. Even the screenname identifies that queen as a loser because Jesus was about love, not jealousy and hate.
A few notes from your troll post:

1) I’m looking in the PORN category and see SIX posts on pornstars since OCTOBER 2011. SIX!! Brklyn Kidd (today), Hot Rod (Feb 8 = six weeks ago) and Trapp Boy (Nov 27 = almost 4 months ago), Ace Rockwood (Oct 26 = almost 5 months ago) and Phat Daddy/Hotrod (OCTOBER 2011, almost a year and a half ago). You’re delusional if you think that is “stay pumping” or giving them a “platform.” There are far more posts on English rugby players or gymnasts.

2) Too many brothas have criticized Rod for only “liking a certain type”. Maybe he is trying to diversify from Marc Williams, Race Cooper and "exotic" muscle boys. Have you written or offered any suggestions? I have sent him FB messages and he posted some thing. But who knows, maybe your concept of “bona fide true stars” are white boys and snow queens.

3) As far as I know, Rod already has a career in media writing producing for tv and magazines. The bio says he worked at ABC News, NBC News, ABC 7 in NYC (where I would see him in the newsroom during shows), had freakin’ covers at The Advocate and is flown around the world to speak on panels. Do you know of many Black men (gay or straight) who have this background? Do you even know of many white gay men who are “writers” who can boast that? To be perfectly honest, his background sounds very much what I would expect from an Ivy League white (gay) man. Maybe that is why he gets so much negativity.

4) Being "relevant" really is what this is about. In the past month or two I've seen Rod: nominated for another GLAAD Award (four total? five?), at The Atlantic, at Ebony print and online, on freakin’ RUSSIAN TV AND RADIO, on BLACK TALK RADIO twice talking about Chicago schools, moderating a journalism panel in Philly, mentioned at AP, mentioned in the New Orleans newspaper and all over the freakin internet re the Mississippi murder story which he broke. This is only what he has posted here, I am sure there is more.

5) And this, my friends, is why the black and white gay bloggers and writers are seething with anger. He minds his business and keeps out of drama. He doesn’t attack or criticize any gay bloggers or writers. When “Colored Boys” was published or nominated for awards, he posted the names of ALL THE CONTRIBUTORS, not just “the book I am in” … which everyone else did. The black “hey gurl” and “gossip queen” “bloggers” and “writers” on Facebook will get many more comments than R20 ... but they will NEVER have his reputation and NEVER go beyond writing for the occasional black gay publication. And with the exception of B Scott, none of them have an ad revenue base.

6) The vast majority of black gay bloggers, Facebookers and Tumblrs are RATCHET and do that to try to “stay relevant.” It’s quite obvious R20 ignores RHOA, AIDS hoaxes and most “ratchet” porn and sex topics. If he were doing that to “stay” relevant it would be obvious. Instead he posts stories on marriage and politics that y’all don’t comment on. And he is the one who first mentioned David McIntosh, Nelson Evora, JLS, NOAH’S ARC, THE DL CHRONICLES etc etc ….

7) Lastly, he works out, he's hot and is very smart ... and I've seen him with the hot gogo boys and models at the clubs in NYC and ATL. That prob has a lot to do with the anger from so-called “Black Jesus” and the other haters.

Keep on Rod. Keep on! Do you!

anthony davis

Former Cogic very nice read because she deserved it.As for the post itself I literally lost my damn mind when I saw it.Brklyn Kidd is giving ass and legs for days.I love me some Venom when the Kidd dropped his pants.He said bitches beware and back up with that move because only one ass rules this house.Lol The Kidd has spoken and yes you twerked it Bitch.

anthony davis

excuse me for the typo I meant to say that when the Kidd dropped his pants it was over because he served it.

anthony davis

Nice read Cogic because she deserved it.As for the post I literally lost my mind when I saw it.Brklyn Kidd served ass and legs for days.I love me some Venom but when the Kidd dropped those pants it was all over.He twerked his ass the fuck off.


**Waving to Black Jesus**

Hi snow queen Victor! That is you, isn't it Ms. "Let's Upgrade Black Gay Porn"? Or some other "z list" blogger? COGIC was READING for filth and it was all TRUE.

Moving on to the topic at hand ... Brklyn Kidd is CARRYING ON! CARRYING! ON! Azz and legs for days! I ain't mad at all, at all! Trust! And I have marveled at Brklyn and Venom's movies.

**fanning self**


Brklyn Kidd got azz. I want that.

Venom gotta phatty and a big thang. I want that.


hot damn. lovely. and you a fool for "hunty" lol


@COGIC.. "Child please, have a stadium of seats" LOL chile I fell out.. Funniest chit I've read all day.. Now that's how you properly slay a bytch..

Dallas Cowboy

THIS! "Child please, have a stadium of seats because NONE of you are relevant "

Dallas Cowboy

AND THIS! BRKLYN KIDD's AZZ is SO HOTT and VENOM'S DYCK IS SO BIG! I want to be in the middle of that!

Black Pegasus

Former COGIC

Yes Yes!

J in L.A.

For those interested, KevinM is producing a dramatic web series, Momma'z Boi, which deals with a number of life issues.


J in L.A.

oops...unnecessary post.

Sorry 'bout that.

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