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29 March 2013



It's too bad Kwame Harris couldn't come out until after he had been charged with beating his ex-boyfriend to a pulp over something silly.

anthony davis

Well better late than never.

Paul Andre Betancourt

I agree with you elg, too bad it took beating his ex-boyfriend for him to come out; more like he was forced out.

I might as well be honest and say that I am also mad it was a "he-Becky." :=) Yes, I'm bitter. Sue me.


that's what i'm saying @paul andre, he's no better than a hetero baller becuase for some reason they seem to love to date becky's kim k's. but diss their own. ..


. .. and then i'm thinking let the "becky's" have him, becuase dude has some serious internal baggage, and he's not super sexy/phyne so they can have him. .. .

Atl Dwighty

To those of you who are disparaging Kwame for having dated someone white, you are simply blinded by myopia and handicapped by your own provincialism. Kwame is a native of Jamaica. I am also a native of Jamaica, and I can assure you that our cultural heritage is such that we were not socialized to view ourselves through the prism of race.

It's unfortunate that the circumstances of his coming-out were so dramatic, but that's water under the bridge. Spread some love for a change, people.

Black Pegasus

As I read the comments, it seems apparent that Kwame Harris's ex-boyfriend was white. I know it seems trivial to be concern about that fact, but the sad truth is; most high profile Black Gay Men always appear to end up in the arms of a white man.

1.Don Lemon (CNN news)
2.Shaun T (INSANITY FITNESS instructor)
3.Terell Carter (Actor)

^^All Snow Queens.

Why aren't Black Men worthy of loving relationships after success is achieved?

Anyway, if it means anything, I wish Kwame all the best..

Former COGIC

>> I can assure you that our cultural heritage is such that we were not socialized to view ourselves through the prism of race.

Jamaica's "cultural heritage": It is one of the poorest countries in the hemisphere. It has among the highest rates of crime, rape and murder in the world. The island is also overwhelmingly black. You didn't view yourselves as "black" because everyone else is black and you believe you are "Jamaican". But you are black ... and the vestiges of slavery and British colonialism have impoverished your island, corrupted your island and conditioned you to believe that white men and women are more desirable and will elevate you socially. All the worst socioeconomic disparities of black Americans but on steroids.

But trust and believe: The entire world views Jamaica as a beautiful but impoverished island paradise inhabited by thugs who rape young women, lynch gay boys, corrupt government that fails to elevate its people ... but with incredible music, food and a track team.

Any other questions about the "prism" through which you are seen? Child, please. Take a stadium of seats. SMDH


Better to date a male Becky who is out than a pathetic DL brotha.Any guy who dates a DL brotha is just as bad as a snow queen.Pathetic

Black Pegasus


Spoken like a true bitter Snow Hoe..lol
The only pathetic thing I see is Black Men who debase themselves for the love of white cawk...

Dallas Cowboy

@Ken: What Black Pegasus said. Oh and maybe you forgot but Kwame Harris was the "DL brotha"!!


Kwame didn't date or marry a woman and have sex with men on the DL.Any gay man who has sex with a man who won't even acknowledge you in public is pathetic.You are just as pathetic as snow queens.DL. brothas are liars and cowards.If you are attracted to both men and women and have sex with both you are not straight.

Former COGIC

"Kwame didn't date or marry a woman and have sex with men on the DL"

Haaay Kwame! Or should I say "Ken"?

How do YOU know that Kwame wasn't dating women?

"Any gay man who has sex with a man who won't even acknowledge you in public is pathetic."

Oh, you mean like KWAME? Who never ACKNOWLEDGED his sexuality to his teammates and everyone else? I am sure when he was out IN PUBLIC w/ his male Beckys he described them as a "friend" if at all. Probably not at all ... it would be easier to say another black athletic man was a "friend".

So Kwame was CLOSETED and a DOMESTIC ABUSER ... but he thought he was "upgrading" himself by kicking it with "Brad". And the snow queens say at least "Brad" was OUT ... because of course there are NO out black gay men in the Bay Area. A mess, child. A mess!


A couple of things I do and don't agree with here. First and foremost... Don Lemon is indeed interesting. He states that he's tired of being the only black man at gay events. Well why not go to BLACK gay events? People fail to realize the gay community works just like the straight community when it comes to racism. I have probably come across more racist gay white men then straight white men and I personally have seen VERY few white men I would ever consider dating but if we are not out how can we expect famous brothers WHO ARE OUT to find us? So many of us are just like Kwame, still hiding because our only resource is each other and considering how we were all relegated as "damaged goods" by the black church/black community it's no wonder. Terrell Carter is not my type at all and he only likes Latin men, I've never seen him with a white man and Shaun T is a fine bruh that got away from us. Bottom line, all of these brothers are around OUT white gay men as famous black men. How many OUT gay black men do you know of at ALL? Karamo (who seems to really like the white guys too now)? Until WE come out and LOVE and ACCEPT ourselves we can't get mad at brothers who love and accept themselves who chose to be with white men who feel the same. What do we expect Don Lemon to do, hang in the filthy and nasty ass Bulldogs in Atlanta to find a man? A white owned club that serves the kids out of plastic cups? The white gay bars in Atlanta give you glasses and if I worked for CNN, I need to have my drink out of a glass (with a straw in a gay bar) Chile please. I actually PREFER a DL bruh (the real ones not the Drag Ladies, Deep Lickers or Dk Lovers) who would not be caught dead in a gay bar, playing games and pretending to be masculine until a hot Beyonce record comes on. Until WE ALL COME out ADOPT these Black boys in the system and teach them how to love everyone and call out these preachers what can we really say? "Has anyone seen the closet door?"

Black Pegasus

@Jewels LOL

I got a kick out of reading your comment, but . you are making excu you are making excuses for them. beathere there aren't as as many Notible Black Gay Men in the same circles does not prevent you from escaping tha escaping that circle . Hunny please, if I want Starbucks Coffee, I will drive pass PJ's coffee to get it! :-))


Chile so.. I have NEVER loss any sleep over a snow queen and we can make all the excuses we want ( I'm talking to you miss jewels), but let's be honest some black men whether gay or STR8 love things better when they are wrapped in pretty white paper.. So let those white gulls have them. I ain't mad and most black gay dudes I know ain't mad.
@atl dwighty. I'm Jamaican too homie and your comments is some Bullchit... Most West Indians are some self hating sambos and who would give their right arm to be white or to be with something white. So homeboy I am not buying that chit you TRYING to selling.


but what type of events is he going to? i mean is he going to events thrown for and by whites? or is it a diverse crowd? I'm thinking these events are events that most of "us" wouldn't be invited to or feel comfortable at. How can "we" ever get a chance to snag a pro when they are going to events that don't have many of "us" in attendance to begin with. . . White gays can be very condescending and tend to treat blacks like "objects," and i don't want to partake in that. And if they are interested in blacks, it's usually because they are old/out of circulation and their kind doesn't want them, or they are on the hunt for a hung "black" man.

Black Pegasus


Agreed! The Snow Hoes usually score the fugly white trolls other "premium" white men in their prime do not want! LOL
Why aren't they getting the attention of the masculine white guys under 35 with gym memberships? Where are the abercrumbie boys who want Black Cawk?


Greg G

"Hunny please, if I want Starbucks Coffee, I will drive pass PJ's coffee"


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