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21 March 2013


Derrick from Philly

That aint fair. His butt is more beautiful than it was two years--the rest of him too. All I got is more belly.

That aint fair.


He is my fantasy husband, and I still love that booty.

He is gorgeous.

Wow, his booty has gotten bigger and plumper.


Right, Mr. Derrick?! I'm with you, favor ain't fair.


This is why I am a gay man. Lordy!

Luckey F. Starr

And he is SO sweet, he always sends me an email thanking me for featuring him. Humble soul indeed..

Derrick from Philly

I usually hate coming to work on Monday mornings. But I don't have a home computer. I couldn't wait to get to work this morning so I could look at Mr Denbeigh's butt. I must've gazed at his booty 30 times today, and then googled him to see more pictures.

I didn't think anybody could match Tim Liggins' butt or the great Kenny Norton's, but Nick Denbeigh may have one of the greatest butts of all time.

What a lucky female who gets the joy (and honor) of rubbing, squeezing, lick....oh, no, let me stop.

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