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21 March 2013



Johnny Gill really needs to quit playing. There have been "rumors" about him for years. Long before the Eddie Murphy rumors. Please.


He didn't answer the question therefore he did not address it. Let's ask Tracy Edmonds, she said they were lovers.


Was there some Johnny Gill convention where people were clamoring for this information???ummm Johnny your irrelevant get over yourself and this issue.. Move on live your life we are!!!!

Luckey F. Starr

Chile that man is a mess. 100% man? We aren't questioning your gender, we are questioning your sexuality. I hate when 'straight' men says I am 100% man...

Who cares if he is gay, bi or not. Come out and taste the rainbow...LOL


He is gayer than the last day in May...my own 1st cousin, whom hung out with him 2 years ago, confirmed that as a fact.

Eric Kane

This replys are a mess. What is wrong with giving the man the benefit of the doubt. Why do gay men think every1 is gay. People start rumors all the time to discredit or get back at others.

And its not like he is trying to get back in the lime light. If someone asked him a question he had the right to answer, people forget that.

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