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05 March 2013


Chitown Kev

I can't, I am most interested in this woman that Miss Whitney paid off and the details that she know about Houston's romantic relationships.

July 18, 1992 was the marriage date for Whitney and Bobby, FYI.

Chitown Kev

I meant "I can't help it",


Access to information does not evoke compassion or understanding...also the dead can't defend themselves...it is a shame that these were "released" and others are clamoring over them like a bunch of pack animals...

Derrick from Phillye

"...and others are clamoring over them like a bunch of pack animals..."

Absolutely true, True Words. And then people get self-righteous about besieged celebrities who have a history of dependence on alcohol & other drugs.


what ... a GOSPEL singer a ... LESBIAN .... never !!! LOL - leave the poor woman alone

Honut Sinti

All these so called revelations that go back over 100 years with entertainment stars makes you wonder if the celebrity and fame are worth it.


The combination of Whitney's love for Robin and her mother's gay scorn probably derailed her. Did anyone notice she didn't attend Luther's funeral. It's ironic he was in the same position. So sad. I think both died of broken hearts.

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