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30 April 2013



Rod, I think you did a great job maintaining your cool on WURD here in Philly with the sometimes "crazy talk" callers.


Rod, I very much appreciate this article because the gay media and blogs have never acknowleged the importance of this for Black gay men -- and you can bet if he were white the question would be, "Why coudn't a black man do it first? Most of the NBA is black."

And I will will co-siagn what Bart said. I listened to the show and thought you were great at mantaining your cool with the "crazy talk."


Thanks for your always indepth and informative work! I'm looking forward to what's next after Jason's courageous statement.


rod I thought that Glenn Burke was the first openly gay player in one of the four big sports and he came out in baseball and died in obscurity of HIV/AIDS in Oakland, Ca

Rod Mc


Glenn was out to his teammates and owners but NOT the public. Per the article:

"Unfortunately the high-profile cases of early, out Black pro-athletes have been marked by tragedy. Glenn Burke, superstar centerfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers, was the “first and only Major League Baseball player known to have been out to his teammates” and team owners during his professional career in the 1970s. Burke was later ostracized by teams and died from AIDS-related causes in 1995."

I've written about Burke several times on R20: http://is.gd/Agtu3I and http://is.gd/4GXVML. Also mentioned here: http://is.gd/9eLX39

Thanks, RM

chris w

Jason Collins's coming out is a total and complete paradigm shift. From this point forward, it is going to be very difficult to type cast black gay men as down low, oblivious, and unconcerned about gay civil rights.

What is equally impressive is the warm and embracing reaction by past and present marquee-level black professional athletes like Kobe, Lebron, Meta World Peace, Dwayne Wade, Shaq, Chris Bosch, Charles Barkley and others. Our struggle in the black gay community is far from over, but Jason has helped us to make great strides forward.

Derrick from Philly

Yes, Rod, I co-sign with Bart and DT. I listened to you on the radio on Tuesday and you were a gentleman. When that fool said that Collins would not be picked up by any team because he'd be like having "a woman on the court" I screamed. I'm glad you didn't.

But that's Philadelphia folks for ya'. I've been here for 55 years and still haven't escaped.


As a career-long white gay activist, I was so happy it was Jason and not, say, his ex-teammate Mark Madsen :). Rod, here's the subject for your next book!

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