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01 April 2013



I saw you on RTv a few weeks ago. You sound great and like you've always done tv and radio.

Question: How do you always get these gigs overseas or with international media. Just curious. It's even more impressive because you do Black talk radio, too.


As a previous Chicago teacher at McCorkle on the South Side that closed...I am SO very disappointed to see the level of parental involvement when it was announced that these schools were closing...but where is this support for the schools on a daily and weekly basis...by encouraging attendance and making their presence known to curb violence...

West Side

What True Words said. Why arent they funding these schools? And why are they targeting schools mostly in poor black areas? It's not fair. It seems like CPS wants to embrace magnet and charter schools and ignore the neighborhoods.

West Side

BTW, heard you on WVON a week or two ago. Saw you on RT. Love what you're doing. You can break it down for the brothas in the 'hood, speak to the Ebony buppie crowd, serve the Chelsea/WeHo boys at The Advocate and serve global black journo to The Atlantic and the Russians. Yassss! Werk!

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