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12 April 2013



Frank Ocean is a hack, from his own uninspired album to his atrocious live performances. I'm suprised people keep slurping up his generic koolaid.

Chitown Kev

I like Frank Ocean...a lot... but I think that Miguel Lamar has a point.

Coming out is a personal process, true.

I don't want to be so cynical as to say that it was a great career move for Ocean but certainly more people want to listen to Ocean's music and artistry because of his announcement.

I don't think that's a shady thing to say.


Why do people say frank ocean's sexuality helped him explode as an artist when like a year before, nostalgia/ultra MIXTAPE was named one of the best albums of the year? Never mind he had about 40-50 songs leaked on the internet from his song writing, which some of the songs used the male pronoun as well. Frank literally just confirmed whispers in the industry.

It's a poor argument and people need to stop using it. It's also insulting to say that more people wanted to listen to Ocean because of his sexuality and that was his intention because well, Frank Ocean hasn't said much about it since the letter save 2 questions from the GQ interview.

Chitown Kev

This is a good discussion to have now.

"It's also insulting to say that more people wanted to listen to Ocean because of his sexuality..."

Whether we like it or not, Ocean was the first "out" artist is a genre of music that (rightly or wrongly) was criticized for being too homophobic.

Therefore, you mean to tell me that the first artist in said genre to have "come out" wasn't going to be news? (in spite of the quality of his recordings...and I like Ocean).

I don't mind of being accused of many things but I don't think that I can be accused of poor argumentation in this case.

Now is Ocean's artistry better than Chely Wright's (and there's a similar comparison there)? I would said so...I'm taking nothing away from Ocean.


I think Miguel is right to a degree. But like Chi Town Kev said, Frank Ocean is the first major R&B artist to come out, so whether it was him or someone else, the announcement would have led to a bunch of a media attention.

Personally I think the reason the attention has stayed on him is because his musical and lyrical style is unique and refreshing. I think the longer his career goes on and the more he proves himself, his coming out will be cited less as "THE" reason for his mainstream success.

And really, for all the talk about the impact Ocean's announcement has had on hip hop/rappers (which it has, being that they've been asked their thoughts about it) at the end of the day, he's still a R&B singer. We still don't have an out gay mainstream rapper yet.

On another note, Miguel is giving you butch queen realness and snatched brows for your nerves as usual:).


Frank had three songs on Channel Orange that were about his first love, a man.So he had to come out or change the pronouns in the lyrics. He couldn't sing "I could never make him love me" in Bad Religion without releasing the letter and explaining it was about his first love..From reading vile anti gay everyday on YT, hip-hop blogs I think his received more hate than love from black community. As for Miguel when I read an R&B singer was coming out I guessed Miguel

Black Pegasus

I'm just waiting for the day when I don't have to hear these damn falsetto singing man-children on my radio.

I mean like really! Miguel's sound has a undeniably catchy mystique about it, but I want a MAN to sound like a MAN for once. Instead, all we're treated to are sounds like Chris Brown, Miguel, Justin TimberFAKE, Trey Songz, Omarion and the other countless no nuts singing stage acts!

Can I get a baritone please....UGH


Uh Black Pegasus, do do exist. Their names are Tank, Tyrese, and Ginuwine (TGT). Also there are other ones as well, so you might need to expand your horizons.

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