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29 April 2013



Wow. Courageous.

Derrick from Philly

Brave and handsome.

Oh, and intelligent and articulate.


I take my hat off to him. A brave and courageous soul. I hope others will follow his lead.

chris w

Yeap! I agree. Brave, Courageous, Intelligent and Handsome. ...Can't wait to read the full story.


It's a great article. Very happy and proud for/of him.

Toni Tate

Wishing you all the happiness you deserve Jason Collins. You are actually going from strength to much more strength. Well done, be free and live your live for yourself now.

Toni Tate

Meant, live your life for yourself.


Good for him! Good for us all! Increased visibility is increased acceptance, not only to others but to ourselves as a demographic of gay black men.


Good! It's time for the myopic and willfully ignorant see that there are most whom aren't hiding under every rock like others. Acceptance is on its way.

Fred T



This is wonderful news. Thank you so much Mr. Collins! We salute You!


bravo! what a courageous man


This is such an incredible opportunity and this man is so brave and courageous. Thank you so much Jason Collins! You have changed the image of black gay men for eternity! Thank you and good luck!


This is a surprise! I have watched Jason play since he was with the Nets and the Grizzlies. He is a solid player. I am happy that the reaction has generally been so positive.

Chitown Kev

Loves his smile...

and his attitude...

and smart...

and courageous...

Congratulations, Jason (as I throw the side eye at a certain NFL free agent)

Distant Lover

Let me be the first to propose to Mr. Collins. "Make me a basketball wife!"

Pastor Michael-Vncent Crea

Peace to All!

Jason Collins IS triumphant: "To thine ownself be true!" YES! YES!

Yes, the Truth sets all of us free, most of all to be who only one can be, yet, self-identification and self-determination require our own will and courage to accomplish our own calling in Life, unique to each of us: Jason Collins is a beautiful, strong and empowering example for all athletes and all our children, most especially, our LGBTQ brothers & sisters!

The Cornell University Gay and Lesbian Assoc., the oldest U.S. LGBT college group, met 10 days ago to create new communication and growth for our students and alumni. I proposed support for our
LGBT athletes coming out on campus.

Jason Collins, now, has made such loving support and pride much more possible: A drum major for Justice!

"If one of our members suffers, all of us suffer; if one has cause to rejoice, all can share one's Joy!"

Y-E-S! Rejoice with & for Jason Collins, whose Wizards have a real center, now: his heart and soul!

One Love,
Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea


Had to comment today... Very proud to be a black gay basketball fan. The significance of a black man being the first openly gay player in a major league sport is huge for our community. This is the way to be included in anyone's agenda...be vocal and visible.


This is historic and important. We need to show our support of this great athlete's courage to come out and be open and a professional athlete. I'm also especially proud that he is an African American. It puts a very visible face on our community and one that is (and I hope continues to be) positive.

I am a happy black gay man today!

(Now, if some other NBA players I have crushes on would come on out, I'd be on cloud 9!)

Mel Smith

Awesome news!!!!!! Congrats to him.


So now when are all of YOU going to fully come out? Heller!

Black Pegasus


Your courage will inspire many!


The black President and the black pro athlete! Two black men leading change in this racist, sexist, homophobic society! If only my grandparents had lived to see the day!!!

DW Jazzlover

I am so Proud of this Young Brother!! It took a lot of courade to stand up and be the Man he is!!
Thank You Mr. Collins.
Much Respect Brother!


This is beautiful! BEAUTIFUL! More power to this empowering and inspirational young man! Thank you!

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