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04 April 2013


Young T


Greg G

Thank you for sharing this!


I'm glad this critique is getting so much exposure

Vince Whiteman

I liked the movie, i didn't think it was that bad...you can't do anything these days with out someone having a problem, it's a movie people!

iama{GAY}tekeeper known as thegaytekeeper

SO tired of what Tyler Perry calls movies


I am reminded of a article written by Kirk Grisham back in 2011. it really speaks to the end of stigmatizing of HIV. This movie and too many public health campaigns contiue to play the boogieman game. Tyler Perry knows better. he just knows that he can make a buck by playing on prejudices.


so clean, and yet so dirty

simple plays for simple minds?


I do not want to pull a Spike Lee and cast judgement before I see the movie...oh wait I won't ever see anything that Tyler Perry is a part of...

I do not put money in a closeted black man's pocket in the year 2013...

Greg G

" I do not put money in a closeted black man's pocket in the year 2013"

PREACH! Yessir!


It is a disaster in the making this whole movie with the hidden plot. However, I've learned to overlook Perry nowadays because he is so covert about his BS while conducting those very "sins" himself.

*COUGH* Like messing around with men *COUGH*

Don't worry it will come to light sooner than later...

Black Pegasus

I'm told by the old heads of the nightlife that Tyler was a frequent at one of New Orleans GAY clubs called Wolfendales back in the 1990s - located on North Rampart st.

Funny how some of us can just reinvent ourselves with just two snaps (pun intended)

Author Kemy

Chris MacDonald-Dennis, I can understand the correlation between what is portrayed on television, and what is heard on the radio in regards to reality. The movie Temptation is meant to address the underline problems, of what some women, may have or may experience in the pursuit of success. The character in this particular movie was drawn to a man, who showcased success beyond the boardroom, and her being naïve she became drawn into his negativity. In as much, and in my personal opinion, I believe what Tyler Perry portrayed in this movie is, the dreadfulness along the way, of what some women will succumb to in a weakened moment, and the success of another does comes with its drawbacks.
You stated that you were diagnosed with HIV 1996, which I applaud your efforts to educate yourself, and continue to have a fulfilling life. However, you have misread the parables of what Tyler Perry’s message is, and that is, yes, everyday people lives are affected by their consequences. In as much, the movie never once spewed the derogatory element for which you found, to say that HIV is a curse from God. Let’s be truth with thyself. HIV is a disease, which is a direct/indirect of one’s lifestyle. I say that with the most uttermost respect to you, as well as anyone who have contacted this disease, through a non-sexual avenue. Therefore, please do not speak on behalf of African Americans, for the reason; there is an important message to be rendered. The HIV rate is doubled in the African American communities, as with any other minority. The movie, Temptation reminds us all to practice safe sex in any conventional compactly. The character, Judith, made her decision, to have sexual intercourse with someone who was diagnosed with HIV. It is not meaning to add that everyone who commits adultery will fall prey to this horrific disease. In addition, I really believe that you missed the purpose with the parable between, ‘the woman with HIV is lonely and ugly, while the people without HIV are beautiful and coupled,’ I beg to differ, and you and I know that HIV is a progressive and physical deteriorating disease. Not to forget, there are two characters within the movie that was diagnosed with HIV by the same man. The character Judith chose to share her story, and the ex-wife chose to leave. The bottom line is the movie, Temptation, was/is a learning tool to educate us women, not to fall victim to the glamorous life of another, and not to lose your way on the journey to your own success. Yes, Mr. Chris MacDonald-Dennis, the world is black and white, and yes, there are shades of gray. Hence, do not condemn anyone who is attempting to bring a message across to the humbling or non-humbling masses. In addition, yes, it is a movie, and what you take and learn from it is your mental prerogative.

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