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14 April 2013



Oh my god I need this song now!!! Love it!!!

Greg G

Go on Pharrell and Nile! I love it!

Greg G

I love it!

Carl A.

I love Pharrell, but I also love Nile. When I found out that he composed the "King's Motorcade" in Coming to America, I started researching more of his work.


Pharrell looks young for a 40 year old. Good for him. Very hot, and an infectious track they've created.

J in L.A.

For those interested, Nile Rodgers has an autobiography that details his music career and his overcoming drug addiction. It's interesting to read about his music background before Chic; and the influence Chic members had on popular music after the 'death of disco'.

The title of the book is Le Freak: An Upside Down Story of Family, Disco, and Destiny.


I checked this time to be sure I didn't repeat something Rod had already posted.

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