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01 May 2013



This is very sad.


Oh LAWD!!! I can't!! I just can't!! It's just too easy!!! Jesus couldn't even become a member at most churches in America!! This is too crazy. We are going to bully you into reversing what you said to Collins, so that we will allow you to come speak at an anti-bullying event, and be paid. It's like a really bad joke.


He shouldn't speak there if they want him to do all that. We gotta do better!

iama{GAY}tekeeper known as thegaytekeeper

so this is how you shut them down? COOL!

DW Jazzlover

In My Neck of the woods The Silence is Amazing!! I am Proud of Mr. Butler for standing by his word!
He is A Brother!!


All the sinning that goes on in any church USA the nerve that any church would have the right to look down on anybody is laughable !!

David Moses Alexander

BRAVO LeRoy Butler! WWJD; He would chase the money changers out of the Temple as he did in the past!!!!!!

Elbert Barnes

What it really says is that they do not stand behind their own Anti-Bullying stance. Because aren't most of the persons that are being Bullied, being bullied because someone thinks that they are gay? Where is God in all of that, this is not a position that Jesus would take.

Minister Barnes
Washington, DC


So many hypocrites in some of these houses. Do as I say, not as I do. It's sad. Glad Leroy Butler called them out on it. Hope he still gets that check though!


The irony of this whole situation is that LeRoy Butler is coming to this church to lecture on “anti-bullying” when the primary precipitants of bullying are LGBTQ folks. To me, this is most embarrassing and shortsighted from this church’s standpoint and will appear a laughingstock. The irony is simply incredible and another barrier dropped on this road to equality through humiliation. Yes, they “showed their ass.”

Black Pegasus

This is why I haven't stepped foot in a church since the age of 16. Once I was old enough to say NO to my mother's demands of attending church, I told her I was an Atheist.

Unfortunately, there are countless numbers of closeted DL men who reside in the church.


Why can't we know the name of the church?

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